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These are related to the making machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in making machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand making machine market.
  • Safety protection measures for blow molding machines

    The rapid mold changing system of the blow molding machine can reflect the size of the clamping force in real time. When the mold is not working properly, it will stop in advance and give an alarm. No electricity is required during the working process, and it is not affected by power failure.

  • How to use the extrusion blow molding machine reasonably in the production process?

    Extrusion blow molding machine has a service life, and the length of life depends on how to use it in the daily production process, so how to use the blow molding machine reasonably?

  • Extrusion blow molding machine application

    The modern development of hollow blow molding machines originated in the 1930s. After years of development and changes, today’s hollow blow molding machines are involved in various industries. The cost of blow molding technology and equipment is low, and complex hollow products can be molded.

  • Regular maintenance of hollow blow molding equipment!

    Hollow blow molding equipment should be maintained regularly at intervals of time. Usually, the equipment management personnel will guide the blow molding equipment. There are mainly 10 steps in the regular maintenance of blow molding equipment. Let me take you to understand it together.

  • Blow molding processing safety matters!

    The safety precautions for blow molding can be summarized into four parts 1. Formulate safe operation procedures for blow molding processing, and deal with it in time in the event of equipment or personal injury accidents. The management department must be foreseeable and prepared for the safety of operations, and respond quickly to unsafe situations. It is more important to formulate and revise safety operating procedures in a timely manner, and safety procedures must be enforced.

  • How to choose a hollow extrusion blow molding machine?

    If you have the need to buy a hollow blow molding machine, you must know how to choose a blow molding equipment suitable for your production. This article is just to share some tips on how to buy a hollow blow molding machine, and how to choose the right equipment in the past.Before choosing to purc

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