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  • 27th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL
    You are not in IBC Tank hollow extrusion blowing bottle technologyCan't find the overall solution?May 23-26, 2023HUAN MACHINERY sincerely invites you to participateInternational Plastic Processing Exhibition in Kelce, PolandLooking forward to your arrival!
  • The 35th CHINAPLAS postponed
    Due to the severe and complicated development of the epidemic in Shanghai and other parts of the country, the organizer postponed the 35th CHINAPLAS International Statue Exhibition. The specific date and details will be announced in due course.CHINAPLAS has grown into the largest rubber and plastics
  • Professional high barrier bottle function introduction
    The main purpose of the multi-layer hollow molding machine is to solve the best solution that cannot meet the comprehensive physical properties of the product (such as weather resistance, air tightness, barrier property and mechanical strength, etc.) by using a certain material alone. The hollow blo
  • Maintenance and protection of blow molding machine
    Bottle blowing machine may everyone are very familiar with, is mainly used for the bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing machine mainly plastic particles can be or have been softening liquid through a certain process means blow molding bottle, become people need compared and other raw materials, p
  • 120L extrusion blow molding machine and mold
    The model we provide is suitable for making many types of barrels, for example, our 120L extrusion blow molding machine can make 120L, 100L and so on.We provide professional knowledge and quality service. Our customers are overseas. When they cannot come to the factory for inspection in person, we w
  • 5L extrusion blow molding machine and mold
    We are specialized in selling extrusion blow molding machine so on, just for creating more beautiful and suitable plastic bottles.Customers from Europe and America who bought 5L extrusion blow molding machine and mold, our salesmen and engineers have been online the whole service.Our machine can als