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  • Achieve Peak Efficiency: How to Choose the Best Materials for 25L Jerry Can Production
    When selecting materials and a 25L Jerry Can blow molding machine, factors such as material durability, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact, machine compatibility, automation, and energy efficiency must be considered to ensure the production of high-quality, economical, and eco-friendly jerry cans.
  • 20L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine: The Key to High-Quality Plastic Containers
    In the plastic packaging industry, 20L jerry can is a common container, widely used in chemical, food, medicine and other fields. With the growth of market demand, choosing a suitable 20L jerry can blow molding machine has become particularly important. This article will answer some common questions to help you better understand and choose a suitable blow molding machine.
  • 25L Jerry Can Production Process, Your worry-free choice
    The 25L jerry can production line integrates cutting-edge automation, from PLC-controlled blow molding to robotic stacking, ensuring efficient, high-quality output. Tailored designs meet diverse specs, optimize space, and enhance sustainability with PCR materials. Advanced cooling, leak detection, and visual inspection systems guarantee product excellence, reflecting a commitment to innovation and efficiency in industrial storage solutions.
  • Jerry Can Blow Molding Technology from HUAN Machinery
    Discover the advanced jerry can blow molding technology from HUAN Machinery. Our high-capacity, energy-efficient machines ensure durable and reliable production. Perfect for industrial applications. Learn more now.
  • What's the price you'll pay for a blow moulding machine?
    Usually, the price of a small blow molding machine is around 20,000 US dollars, and a large blow molding machine, such as an IBC tank blow molding machine, requires more than 200,000 or 300,000 US dollars. If a complete production line including automatic flashing, leak detection machine, chiller, air compressor, etc. is required, it will cost more than 500,000 US dollars or even more.
  • A guide to blow molding process control: key factors and optimization tips
    During the blow molding process, there are several key factors that affect parison formation and quality.The main factors are parison temperature control, optimization of blowing pressure and speed, adjustment of inflation ratio, mold temperature management, improvement of cooling time and efficiency and reasonable arrangement of molding cycle.
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