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Automatic 25L drum blow molding machine 20L jerry can making machine


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High-speed 25L jerry can blow molding machine, 125 pcs per hour output, European technology, and then through the careful improvement design of engineers, and then retain the original high reliability, 365 days stable operation, 0 labor cost. 
  • Station: Single/Double (choose one)
  • Suitable for 20L 25L plastic jerry cans
  • Continuous extrusion die head
  • Hydraulic Servo Control System
  • Integrated auto deflasher system
  • Multi-layer and Liquid level line extrusion system
  • KEBA Parison control system
  • Robot arm and conveyor production line
  • Leak test and vision inspection


jerry can blow molding machine

feature and advantage of machine

German technology 

The jerry can blow molding machine with precise & Mechanical design with top-level German technology for excellent reliability and technology.

365 days non-stop

The jerry can machine continuous production without break, ensuring 24 hours / 7 days output to satisfy final client’s order demand.

0-labor factory 

Full automatic line which creates labor-free production, saves labor-cost and increases producer's competition in market.

High-level output

25L jerry can blow moulding machine capacity

800g jerry can — 3,840 pcs / day

1,300g jerry can — 3,072 pcs / day

KEBA for jerry can machine

Operating system

Precision-engineered 25L blow molding mold ensures uniform wall thickness, smooth finishes, and high durability for consistent.

mold for jerry can machine

25L blow mould

Imported Aluminum or Stainless steel material with world-advanced cooling system , which ensures guaranteed cycle time and long-running life for the blow molder.

Jerry can blow molding machine specification

Machine model


Prdouct Capacity

20L 25L 30L Jerrycan







Main Drive



Max. Extrusion Output



Clamping Force



Average Energy Consumption



Jerry can machine component

jerry can machine components

Austrian KEBA: KEBA is known for its advanced control systems that ensure precise operation and seamless integration, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of the blow molding process on the 25L jerry can blow molding machine.


jerry can

The jerry can blow molding machine is professionally customized for the production of high quality 20L 25L 30L plastic container canister, providing a total solution. The machine is designed with precision engineering and advanced automation , making containers for chemicals, food, agrochemicals and automotive fluids, ensuring the safe storage and transportation of various liquids. Moreover, it seamlessly caters to different capacities, such as 20L jerry can, 25L hdpe canister, 30L plastic drum blow molding machines, providing versatility in your production processes.jerry can production line

jerry can blow molding

Blowing part:

Through more years research and design, our extrusion blow molding machine meet European technology. Now our machine can produce out perfect jerrycan, drum.

feeding machine

Feeding part:

The production line adopts the proportional weighing machine, provide accurate materials ratio.

deflashing conveyer belt

Recycle part:

Good quality crusher and special conveyor with cooling, get the recycle material for reusing.

leak test for jerry can

Inspection part:

Leak part:

Make sure offer NO-LEAK jerry can for final user, we add leak testing process.

Vision inspecter:

Jerrycan surface no impurity, jerrycan color correct, jerrycan neck no surplsu material, jerrycan surface smooth

jerry can bag packing

Package part:

adopt full automatic packing machine, save-labor and clean.

technical teamMechanical Engineer

blow molding machine manufacuter

Who are we?

Total solution provider for 25L, 200L and 1000L IBC package project.

What are we?

Coex blow molding machines with Germany technology and focus on zero-labor full automation blowing line.

Why are we?

Clients realize labor-cost saving, high-level output, stable-continuous running, make client’s profit maximum.

Certificate for jerry can machine

certificate for jerry can making machine

customer show

20l plastic jerry can making machine

Client from EU country:

After viewing our 25L machine, they give commend:" Can’t distinguish HUAN machine and European machine, considerate & top-level EBM."

bottles jerry cans blow molding machine

Clients from USA:

"Chinese technology is amazing, we have to try this machine."They praised.

jerry can making machine

Client from EU country:

"We are so excited that we found European-level jerrycan machine with economic cost", they give comment.

jerry can blow moulding machine

Client from China

"We have to continue to purchase same model machine since our trail is successful". The boss is satisfied the machine performance.




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