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25L Jerry Cans Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine


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High-speed 25L jerry can blow molding machine, 125 pcs per hour output, European technology, and then through the careful improvement design of engineers, and then retain the original high reliability, 365 days stable operation, 0 labor cost. 
  • Station: Single/Double (choose one)
  • Suitable for 20L 25L plastic jerry cans
  • Continuous extrusion die head
  • Hydraulic Servo Control System
  • Integrated auto deflasher system
  • Multi-layer and Liquid level line extrusion system
  • KEBA Parison control system
  • Robot arm and conveyor production line
  • Leak test and vision inspection

T20D-750: Jerry Can Production Machine for You

jerry can making machine

Precision and Reliability: The 5L jerry can blow molding machine adopts German design and technology, fully meets the requirements of the customers.

Continuous and Labor-Free Operation: Designed for non-stop operation, our jerry can blow moulding machine ensures a 24/7 production cycle, meeting the most demanding order requirements with ease. The fully automated process eliminates the need for manual labor, leading to significant cost savings and increased market competitiveness.

High-Volume Output: the jerry can making machine is capable of producing:

- Up to 7,000 pieces of 140g jerry cans per day

This high-volume output is ideal for businesses looking to meet large-scale demands efficiently.

Technical Specifications:

Machine Model T20D-750
Layers Single Two Three
Machine Model T20D-750 T20D-750 T20-750
Extruders 90/50mm 90/50mm 50/90/50mm
Main Drive 55/18.5kw 55/18.5kw 18.5/55/18.5kw
Max Extrusion Output 160/40kg/hr 160/40kg/hr 40/160/40kg/hr
Product Weight 190g 190g 190g
Production Rate 515 BPH 515 BPH 515 BPH
Average Consumption 40kw 40kw 45kw

KEBA for jerry can machineAdvanced Austrian KEBA Control Systems: Equipped with KEBA's advanced control systems, our jerry can blow molding machine offers precise operation and seamless integration, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the blow molding process.

Customized for Versatility: The extrusion blow molding machine is professionally customized for producing high-quality plastic jerry can ion blow molding machine products. With precision engineering and advanced automation, it's suitable for a wide range of applications including chemicals, food, agrochemicals, and automotive fluids.

Versatile Production Capabilities: Our jerry can blow molding machine can cater to different capacities such as the 20l plastic jerry can making machine, hdpe jerry can blowing machine, and larger containers, providing you with the flexibility to produce various sizes of jerry cans and bottles products.

Integrated System Components:

Blowing Part:  5L jerry can mould

Years of research and design have enabled our machine to produce perfect jerry cans and drums, meeting European technology standards.

feeding machineFeeding Part: 

The production line uses a proportional weighing machine for accurate material ratios.

deflashing conveyer beltRecycle Part: 

A high-quality crusher and special conveyor with cooling ensure efficient recycling of materials.

leak test for jerry canInspection and Leak Testing: 

We incorporate a leak testingprocess to guarantee NO-LEAK jerry cans.

- Vision Inspector: Ensures jerry can surface purity, correct color, smooth neck, and overall smoothness.

jerry can bag packingFull Automatic Packaging: 

Our jerry can blow molding machine includes a full automatic packing machine, saving labor and maintaining a clean production environment.

Global Acclaim and Testimonials:

25L machine customers

- EU Clients: "Can’t distinguish HUAN machine and European machine, considerate & top-level EBM."

- USA Clients: "Chinese technology is amazing, we have to try this machine."

- EU Clients: "Excited to find a European-level machine with economic cost."

- Chinese Clients: "Continuing to purchase the same model due to successful trials and satisfied machine performance."

Total Solution Provider: We offer comprehensive solutions for jerry can procution machine needs, including 25L, 200L, and 1000L IBC package projects. Our focus is on coex blow molding machines with German technology and zero-labor full automation.

jerry can production line

Why Choose Us? 

Our clients benefit from labor-cost savings, high-level output, and stable-continuous running, maximizing their profits. When you're looking for a jerry can blow molding machine price, consider the value of our high-quality, efficient, and reliable machines.

Inquire Today: For more information on our jerry cans blow molding machine or to discuss your specific production needs, contact us directly. We are committed to providing you with the best solution for your jerry can machine requirements.



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