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1000L IBC Tank Extrusion Blow Molding Machine


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IBC tank blow molding machine can produce 500L 800L 1000L 1200L IBC tanks, 1 layer 2 layer 3 layer optional.
IBC tank daily output: 600 tanks per day for standard type ; 874 tanks per day for high speed type
Delievery time: 30-45 days
The lBC tank, Intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBC tank, IBC tote, IBC, or pallet tank) , is made up of an hdpe inner tank and a steel frame. Compared to L-ring drums, the lBC tanks can save up to 35% of storage space and can be reused multiple times, significantly reducing the overall cost of usage.

IBC tank blow molding machine

The IBC tank blow molding machine is designed to manufacture IBC tanks with various capacities,500L 800L 1000L 1200L. These IBC tanks are widely used in chemical ,filling, transportaion industries.The IBC tanks are easier to stack, which reduces storage space and saves costs.

Feature & Advantage for IBC tank blow molding machine

German technology

Precise & Mechanical design 

with top-level German technology for excellent reliability and technology.

365 days non-stop

Continuous production without break, ensuring 24 hours / 7 days output to satisfy final client’s order demand.

188 experienced cases

Thanks to trusting from our clients,we already supplied 188 IBC tank blow molding machines to Chinese local and international markets.

High-level output

14kg ibc inner tank

Standard: 600 tanks/day

High speed: 864 tanks/day

IBC tank blow molding machine

IBC tank blow molding machine

The IBC Tank Extrusion Blow  Molding Machine can produce IBC of various capacity gauges, which ensures uniform thickness and good performance for dropping test vibration test.

Operate system for IBC machine

 IBC machine operating system

MOOG's wall thickness control system, Gefran PLC, precision control system, to ensure the production of IBC tank wall thickness uniform, reduce the generation of flash material, save costs.

IBC tank mould

IBC tank blow mold

The IBC tank mold is made by high hardness aluminum material,  advanced design cooling system which ensures high output 25 tanks/hour.

IBC tank blow molding machine specification

Product Name

IBC tank blow molding machine

Prdouct Capacity

500L,800L,1000L,1200L IBC







Main Drive



Max. Extrusion Output



Clamping Force



Average Energy Consumption



IBC machine brands

Italian GEFRAN: GEFRAN is known for its advanced control systems that ensure precise operation and seamless integration, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of the blow molding process on the IBC tank blowing machine.


IBC tanks

IBC tank blowing machine is professional customized for the production of EU standard IBC tank,providing a total solution to worldwide customers.Our machine is designed with Multi-layer Coex by Germany technology and advanced mold,make top and safety IBC tank for various industrial package such as Chemical,food,agrochemical,automative liquids,which ensures safe transportation and loading.

IBC machine production line

The IBC tank blowing whole production line inculde a IBC tank blow molding machine with MOOG Parison wall thickness control system, IBC mold with good cooling performance, auto deflashing for the plastic container, conveyor belt, plastic crusher, auto loader,  Weighing Plastic Colour Mixer Machine and other auxiliary machines.

IBC machine (19)IBC machine (20)IBC machine (22)IBC blow molding machine manufacturer

Who are we?

Total solution provider for 25L, 200L and 1000L IBC package project.1000L IBC Tank Extrusion Blow  Molding Machine,25L Jerrycan Making Machine,200L hdpe drum making machine are our star blow molding machines.

What are we?

Coex blow molding machines with Germany technology and focus on zero-labor full automation blowing line.

Why are we?

Clients realize labor-cost saving, high-level output, stable-continuous running, make client's profit maximum.

IBC machine (24)

We sucessfully got CE certificate,EU certificate,UL certificate for 1000L IBC Tank Extrusion Blow  Molding Machine,which make HUAN company qualified to export IBC full production line to worldwide market.Warmly welcome you to jion into IBC family!

IBC machine (25)

IBC machine (26)

Client from EU country:

After viewing our 1000L IBC Tank Extrusion Blow  Molding Machine, they give commend: “ Can’t distinguish HUAN machine and European machine, considerate & top-level EBM” .

IBC machine (27)

Clients from USA:

“Chinese technology is amazing, we have to try IBC tank blow molding machine”. They praised.

IBC machine (28)

Client from EU country:

"We are so excited that we found European-level IBC blow molding machine with economic cost", they give comment.

IBC machine (29)

Client from Turkey:

Client engineer spent 1 day learning our 1000L IBC tote blowing machine running which he never touched before. Really unbelievable.




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