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3 Layers IBC Tank HDPE Container Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Discover excellence in manufacturing with our advanced 3-layer HDPE container extrusion blow molding machine for IBC tanks. Achieve superior quality and durability with our innovative technology. Elevate your production standards and efficiency, meeting diverse industrial needs effortlessly.
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IBC full line

IBC tank blow molding machine

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our 1000L IBC tank blow molding machine. Crafted to meet your production needs, it ensures top-quality output in single layer,2 layers,3 layers. Enjoy reliability, customization options, and energy efficiency, empowering you to achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

Energy-Efficient Manufacturing: Only 180kW for 600pcs/day.

Model BSM1000L-3 multilayer extrusion blow molding machine
Fininshed Product
1000L IBC tank,500L IBC tank
Max. product volume 1000L
Plastic material HDPE
Multi-extrusion layer possible 3 layers (Apply for light-proof IBC tank,recycled materilal layer)
Auxiliary equipments blow mould, mixer, vacuum auto-loader, dryer, crusher, water & fans chiller, air compressor, conveyor system for deflashing parts, conveyor system for finished product delivery, leak test machine.

2 layers IBC blow molding machine

3 layers IBC machine detailsCHARACTER

1. The machine is high speed, high quality. The clamping system is with nether bending arm type. It can make sure the clamping force to be enough.


2. The mahine is with 100 point parison control system and with one set of seperate oil tank system for MOOG system.


3. The machine is with MITSUBISHI PLC and Gefran operation screen.


4. The machine is with FESTO pneumatic parts.


5. The machine is with YUKEN hydraulic pump and valves.

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Finished products

IBC inner tanks

IBC Cage Production Line

Efficient IBC tank cage production process: welding, bending, riveting, and more. Advanced machines ensure fast and precise manufacturing. Automated handling for seamless workflow.

Energy 60kw,production capacity 1,440pcs per hour.

IBC cage machine 1IBC cage machine 2

IBC Cages

Metal cages for IBC tanks

1.Sturdiness: Constructed from robust steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability for secure containment and transportation.

2. Rigidity: Provides a solid structure that maintains shape and integrity even under heavy loads or challenging conditions.

3. Corrosion Resistance: Treated or coated to withstand corrosion, extending its lifespan and maintaining structural integrity.

4. Versatile Design: Configured with flexibility for stacking, securing, and handling during storage or transport.

5. Customizable Options: Allows for modifications or additional features to meet specific industrial or logistical requirements.

Whole Production Line for IBC Tank

We can supply the whole production line for IBC tanks.From inner container molding to frame fabrication, metal parts, and HDPE material processing, our all-inclusive solution covers every step of IBC tank production.

IBC line lay out

Shipment for IBC Production Line

shipment for ibc cage line