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120L extrusion blow molding machine and mold

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120L extrusion blow molding machine and mold

The model we provide is suitable for making many types of barrels, for example, our 120L extrusion blow molding machine can make 120L, 100L and so on.

We provide professional knowledge and quality service. Our customers are overseas. When they cannot come to the factory for inspection in person, we will provide acceptance service for them throughout the whole process.

1. Keep close track of 120L extrusion blow molding machine, mold and other equipment with the factory to ensure that every detail is in place to meet customer requirements and use requirements.


2. Before the 120L extrusion blow molding machine is shipped, make repeated tests on the machine molds together with the engineers to ensure the machine itself is intact and the products produced fully meet the requirements of customers

3. We recorded and provided videos of disassembly and installation of molds and extrusion blow molding machines, which solved the installation problems encountered by customers after receiving the machines.

4.Count and take pictures of the body and machine parts and submit them to the customer for confirmation.Make a detailed list telling the customer what each box contains.

Zhangjiagang huan Machinery Co., LTD. All the staff dedicated to provide you with quality services.

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