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How to use the extrusion blow molding machine reasonably in the production process?

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How to use the extrusion blow molding machine reasonably in the production process?

Extrusion blow molding machine has a service life, and the length of life depends on how to use it in the daily production process, so how to use the blow molding machine reasonably?


First of all, it is necessary to explain that the length of the working life of the extrusion blow molding machine, the level of production efficiency and the quality of the product are all related to the manufacturing quality of the equipment and the selection of equipment specifications and models. However, how to allow operators to use the equipment reasonably and how to pay attention to equipment maintenance is directly related to the extension of the service life of the blow molding machine and the normal production efficiency of the blow molding machine. Therefore, in the daily use process, we try to do the following What time is it.


1. Reasonable use of supporting equipment, corresponding supporting equipment on the blow molding machine production line, the production capacity of each machine must be matched, and each equipment can fully play its role, so that the equipment on the production line can work in coordination. Oversupply or insufficient supply between the upper and lower processes, and stopping waiting are all types of unsuitable equipment and unreasonable selection of specifications.


2. Choose suitable production equipment. The choice of blow molding machine should be based on the specifications of the product. Choose the specifications and models of the blow molding machine. Using a large blow molding machine to produce smaller specifications will increase power consumption and accelerate the wear of the blow molding machine. , Increasing the manufacturing cost of products is a wasteful production plan that does not pay attention to economic accounting.

3. Technical training for operators requires that operators not only have proficient operating skills, but also understand the structure and function of the equipment and the specifications and production capacity of the processed products; at the same time, they should also know how to maintain the equipment. For the use of new workers, they must undergo technical training so that they can memorize the equipment operating procedures; conduct practical operation training and pass the examination before they can be employed to operate independently.


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