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Extrusion blow molding machine application

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The modern development of hollow extrusion blow molding machines originated in the 1930s. After years of development and changes, today’s hollow blow molding machines are involved in various industries. The cost of blow molding technology and equipment is low, and complex hollow products can be molded. In which areas are air blow molding machines more widely used? The editor will show you.


What products can hollow extrusion blow molding machines produce? For example, various bottles, jars, barrels, pots, hollow seats, mineral water bottles, and special-shaped hollow products. In fact, the specific product produced depends mainly on the mold to determine the appearance or specifications of the product.

According to different raw materials, the blow molding produced is also different. For example, some hollow toys or bottles are mostly made of PE and PP. Some transparent containers, such as mineral water or beverage bottles, are made of PET, and each manufacturer will choose the appropriate raw materials according to the products produced.


Large industrial container, a water tank specially used for storing liquid materials. For example: buckets, IBCs, rainwater tanks, double-ring buckets, pallets, lids, air tanks, etc., hollow blow molding machines can be customized according to customer needs.

There are also some pontoons, which are made of polyethylene and have good impact resistance. They can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also resist corrosion and freeze.


To summarize briefly, what products can be produced by a hollow blow molding machine depends on the type of hollow blow molding machine, such as automatic, semi-automatic, hollow extrusion blow molding machine, injection hollow blow molding machine, etc., according to different products, choose the right machine.



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