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How to do when extrusion blow molding machine running test

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-22      Origin: Site Inquire

Before the extrusion blow molding machine formal start-up operation, the first test inspection to ensure that the equipment can normally complete the next production work, the test inspection work can be divided into two steps of the cylinder without heating test and cylinder heating test.

mould plate

I The cylinder is not heating heating test check

The test inspection of the hollow blowing machine has the following 10 steps.

1. The control box circuit closes for the power supply.

2. Start the lubricating oil pump, lubricate the gearbox for 3min, and add lubricating oil to each lubricating part.

3. Check the hopper, and there should be no any foreign body inside, and then transfer the V-shaped belt once, which should be rotated and smooth without block phenomenon.

4. Low-speed start screw drives the motor.

5. Observe whether the voltmeter and ammeter pointer swing normally.

6. Whether the nuclear cold screw rotation direction is correct.

7. Check and test the emergency stop buttons on the equipment to work accurately and reliably.

8. Check whether the lubricating oil working pipeline is smooth, whether the oil injection position is correct, and whether there is oil leakage in each part.

9. Check the cooling water pipeline, and there should be no leakage.

10. Exit the screw and test the high and low speed of the screw drive shaft, which should be consistent with the manual.

MEPER Machine (16)

II Drum heating test inspection

1. Heat up each section of the cylinder, and adjust the temperature control instrument according to the process temperature requirements.

2. Check the temperature of each section of the cylinder with a mercury thermometer, verify and adjust the instrument display temperature and the detection temperature of the mercury thermometer.

3. Check whether there is a heating circuit open circuit alarm in the heating device and whether it can work correctly.

4. After the cylinder warms up to the process temperature, heat up at constant temperature and record the heating time.

5. Re-tighten the screws connecting the cylinder and the cylinder seat.

6. Start the drive screw motor at low speed and observe whether the swing of the voltage and ammeter is abnormal; see whether the screw rotation is stable and hear whether the operation sound of all transmission parts is abnormal. All normally stop immediately. Note: The screw air rotation time shall not exceed 3min.

If the hollow extrusion blow molding equipment does not complete the above requirements, please contact the manufacturer to solve the problem.

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