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HDPE bottle making machine

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  • Operating rules for debugging of hollow extrusion blow molding machine
    Operating rules for debugging of hollow extrusion blow molding machine1. Firstly, check whether the mixer works normally. Firstly, turn off the power supply of the mixer, put the raw materials, master color and toner with good ratio into the mixing bucket, cover the mixing bucket, and turn on the po
  • What is the blowing device of the blow molding machine?
    What is the blowing device of the extrusion blow molding machine? In the production process of the blow molding machine, the equipment needs to be inflated with compressed air, and after cooling, the plastic products with the same mold shape are obtained.In practical applications, when the preform i
  • Introduction to the injection molding process
    Introduction to the process of injection molding, extrusion molding, injection molding and blow molding are one of the main methods for the production of plastic products. This article will continue to introduce the process, advantages and disadvantages of the plastic molding process.I Process prin
  • Extrusion blow molding machine for tool box
    Blow molding toolbox is one of the products produced by blow molding of hollow blow molding machine. Professional work, and looks good too.Blow molding tool box is one of the products produced by blow molding of hollow blow molding machine. Double-layer tool box for blow molding of hollow blow moldi
  • How to use the extrusion blow molding machine reasonably in the production process?
    Extrusion blow molding machine has a service life, and the length of life depends on how to use it in the daily production process, so how to use the blow molding machine reasonably?
  • Blow molding processing safety matters!
    The safety precautions for blow molding can be summarized into four parts 1. Formulate safe operation procedures for blow molding processing, and deal with it in time in the event of equipment or personal injury accidents. The management department must be foreseeable and prepared for the safety of operations, and respond quickly to unsafe situations. It is more important to formulate and revise safety operating procedures in a timely manner, and safety procedures must be enforced.
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