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What is the blowing device of the blow molding machine?

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What is the blowing device of the blow molding machine?

What is the blowing device of the extrusion blow molding machine? In the production process of the blow molding machine, the equipment needs to be inflated with compressed air, and after cooling, the plastic products with the same mold shape are obtained.


In practical applications, when the preform is vertically formed, the sealing mechanism is sealed with the mouth of the preform, and an appropriate amount of gas is blown to inflate the preform. In the process, according to the processing requirements, the gas that needs to be blown is normal temperature, and in some cases, the gas needs to be blown to a higher temperature.

The air blowing device consists of a base, a sliding guide rail, a fixed seat, a sealing mechanism, a receiving plate, a first air cylinder, a second air cylinder, a first air blowing pipe, a second air blowing pipe, a heating jacket, a first switch, a second switch and sliding switches, etc.


For the blowing device of the blow molding machine, the cooler is arranged on the end of the blowing rod near the blowing needle. The heat conduction distance of the cooler is reduced, and the tail of the blowing needle can be directly cooled, so that the cooling effect of the blowing needle is obviously improved. The quality of blown products is stable, and there is basically no fluffing phenomenon. A wrench slot is arranged in the middle of the blowing rod and at a position close to the middle. The changes to the blowing device are small, but the cooling effect is obvious. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the output of the blow molding machine can be greatly improved. Suitable for all types of blow molding machines.

挤出 160L设备110mm螺杆

The blowing device of the blow molding machine generally includes a pushing cylinder or oil cylinder, a blowing rod and a blowing needle. The needle moves back and forth, and the blowing needle continuously extends into the template to blow the heated plastic raw material into a certain shape of plastic products. Because the blowing needle runs for a long time and frequently contacts high-temperature plastic, it is easy to heat and deform. Therefore, a cooler is installed on the blowing rod, and cooling water flows through the cooler. Air needle for cooling and cooling. There is a wrench slot on the side of the blowing rod close to the blowing needle, and the cooler is installed above the wrench slot. This structure has a better cooling effect on the blow rod and blow needle.


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