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Blow molding processing safety matters!

Views: 32     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 16-11-2021      Origin: Site

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Blow molding processing safety matters!

The safety precautions for blow molding can be summarized into four parts

1. Formulate safe operation procedures for blow molding processing, and deal with it in time in the event of equipment or personal injury accidents. The management department must be foreseeable and prepared for the safety of operations, and respond quickly to unsafe situations. It is more important to formulate and revise safety operating procedures in a timely manner, and safety procedures must be enforced.

extrusion machine+auxiliary machines (4)

2. To prevent accidental personal injury, in order to prevent accidental personal injury, safety guards should be installed on all transmission parts of the machine; safety doors should be provided at the product demoulding outlet, safety and heat preservation guards should be provided in the heating zone of the machine, and the crusher should be protected The steel falls into the protective device to prevent the operator from reaching out in the man-machine; the key parts of the equipment should be equipped with emergency brake button alarms, and all pressure vessels should be regularly hydraulically tested.


3. For the safety protection of the machine, the machine should be equipped with overload protection and safety protection device. The simple overload protection device is to install a safety pin on the transmission belt reel. Once the transmission is abnormal and the safety pin breaks, the machine will stop transmission. At the same time, there must be a constant temperature start protection device, and a constant temperature starter is installed on the blow molding machine. If the blow molding machine does not reach the set heating temperature, the blow molding machine cannot start even if the start button is pressed.


4. During the molding operation of blow molded products, if there are more than two people operating without public clarification, the power supply and air supply should be cut off when the equipment or mold is loaded and unloaded. Due to the large amount of solvent in the mold cavity, it should be installed to prevent human body from entering and causing injury. Safety helmet, in the case of the door is not closed, the mold cannot be closed when the personnel are not leaving the mold, and during the blow molding operation, do not perform high temperature operations near the machine head.


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