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Extrusion blow molding machine for tool box

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Blow molding toolbox is one of the products produced by blow molding of hollow blow molding machine. Professional work, and looks good too.

Blow molding tool box is one of the products produced by blow molding of hollow blow molding machine. Double-layer tool box for blow molding of hollow blow molding machine is a common packaging equipment for the packaging of various tools. The main features are beautiful appearance, simple material, shockproof, shape It is beautiful, functionally protects the built-in tools, and is easy to carry.

tool box 01

According to the different types of toolboxes, there are various production methods, such as blow molding, blister molding, injection molding, etc. Compared with other processes, the toolbox produced by blow molding is more durable, the equipment cost is also low, the cost performance ratio is high, and the adaptability is strong. .

The blow molding toolbox is made by melting the thermoplastic material at high temperature, extruding it into the mold through the die head, and then rapidly cooling the water, and then the blow molding toolbox can be generated.

The toolbox produced by the blow molding process uses aluminum grooves. Compared with the injection molding equipment, the toolbox blow molding machine has a lower cost, stronger adaptability and good forming performance.

tool box mould

In addition to the above features, the blow molding toolbox for hollow blow molding machines has the following features:

1. Various raw materials, you can choose HWMHDPE, HDPE, ABS, PE and other materials.

2. The toolbox has a double-layer structure with a reasonable buffer effect, which can protect the tools in the toolbox.

3. The blow molding toolbox has low cost and strong bearing capacity. The toolbox itself is light in weight, but it is easy to carry and work lightly.

4. Strong impact resistance, the tool box is produced by hollow blow molding process, which is more impact resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, waterproof and moistureproof.

The blow molding toolbox can be applied to power tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, instruments, musical instruments, sports equipment, welding equipment, etc.

According to the analysis of the function, appearance, formability and cost of the different plastic toolboxes, the model of the toolbox blow molding machine is comprehensively considered.



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