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HDPE bottle blowing machine

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  • Introduction to automatic control system of large scale blow moulding machine

    Modern life has brought more efficient production. Today's large blow molding machine equipment is equipped with automatic control system. Today, We will introduce the automatic control system of large blowing and molding machine equipment.With the increasing influence of low carbon, environmental......

  • Classification of extrusion blow molding machines

    The hollow blow molding machine can be divided into continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine and intermittent extrusion hollow blow molding machine according to the different discharging methods.1. Continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machineThat is, the tube blank is continuously extrud

  • Common troubleshooting measures and operating points of hollow blow molding machines

    Blow molding machine, also called hollow blow molding machine, extrusion blow molding machine, is one of the plastic molding machines used to process plastic hollow products. Although the development of the current blow molding technology is relatively good, the blow molding machine equipment is rel

  • What is the structure of the extrusion blow molding machine? 

    1. The composition of the extrusion blow molding machineThe hollow blow molding machine is mainly composed of extruder, machine head, hydraulic system, mold clamping system, electrical control system, inflation system, automatic clamping and other parts. The basic structural frame is composed of pow

  • Cooling method of blow molding machine

    Cooling method of blow molding machineHow many cooling methods are there for blow molding machines? The development of science and technology has shortened the production cycle of blow molding machines and made production more controllable, and has also evolved a variety of blow molding machine prod

  • What is the process of blow molding

    With the increase in demand for plastic products, the development of hollow blow molding equipment is expanding, and the mold and clamping mechanism in hollow blow molding equipment are essential key components in blow molding machinery. HUAN MACHINERY takes you to understand the down blow Evaporato

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