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Introduction to automatic control system of large scale blow moulding machine

Views: 7     Author: HUAN Machinery     Publish Time: 09-02-2023      Origin: HUAN Machinery

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Introduction to automatic control system of large scale blow moulding machine

Modern life has brought more efficient production. Today's large blow molding machine equipment is equipped with automatic control system. Today, We will introduce the automatic control system of large blowing and molding machine equipment.

With the increasing influence of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and other ideas, intelligent, lightweight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection have become the characteristics of the development of contemporary large blow molding equipment. Compared with the traditional large blow molding machine, its driving device is different, and the traditional hollow molding machine controller can not be fully applicable. Therefore, most manufacturers develop their own controller and servo control law, for the speed and position of the mold frame control, to ensure the stability and accuracy of control.

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Automatic control system also known as programmable computer controller is a time-sharing multi-task operating system, successfully built a real-time multi-application running platform, support a variety of programming languages including sequence function diagram, ladder diagram, structure text and high-level language with high reliability and anti-interference ability, strong adaptability, giving the total over the line ready to series each other, Advanced language development makes automatic control system in textile, plastics, machinery, electric power and other industries can play a good role.

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The industrial control market has seen many advances in real-time sensing and response measures on production lines, and incorrect placement sensing and corrective responses, with the advent of higher multi-precision sensors and faster communication over longer distances. Now can achieve, I believe that in the future large blowing machine equipment automatic control system will be more perfect.

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