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What is the process of blow molding

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What is the process of blow molding

With the increase in demand for plastic products, the development of hollow blow molding equipment is expanding, and the mold and clamping mechanism in hollow blow molding equipment are essential key components in blow molding machinery. HUAN MACHINERY takes you to understand the down blow Evaporators of plastic molding equipment.

The hollow blow molding machine is a kind of extrusion or injection molding of thermoplastic resin or plastic, and then a tubular plastic parison is obtained, which is heated to a softened state and placed in a split mold. Compressed air is introduced into the parison to make the plastic parison inflate and stick to the inner wall of the mold, and it is cooled and demolded to make various hollow products.

The process of extrusion blow molding generally includes the following 6 steps:

1. The extruder melts the plastic raw material, and shapes the melt sent to the die into a tubular parison.

2. After the parison is delivered to the set length, the clamping mechanism closes the blow mold and sandwiches the plastic parison between the two half-moulds.

3. Inject compressed air into the plastic parison through the blowing hole, and inflate the parison to make it close to the mold cavity.

4. Wait for cooling and shaping.

5. Open the mold and take out the cooled product;

6. Decorate the products, and at the same time recycle the waste for reuse.

HUAN MACHINERY is mainly engaged in the production of fully automatic hollow blow molding machines, which can produce blow molding products with a capacity of 0-1000L and layers of 1-6 layers.


The hollow blow molding machine equipment can be used to produce oil drums, ocean balls, pesticide bottles, shampoo bottles, warning posts, plastic barrels, roadblocks, septic tanks, kayaks, double-ring barrels, trays, solar liner, mobile toilets, desktops Board, floating bucket, medical bedside, IBC bucket and other plastic products.


Over the years, the company has gathered a group of technical talents in the plastics industry, developed and innovated, firmly grasped the development trend of the market, and helped the production and development of enterprises with many years of skilled technology and rich experience. We look forward to cooperating with you.


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