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Cooling method of blow molding machine

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Cooling method of blow molding machine

Cooling method of blow molding machine

How many cooling methods are there for blow molding machines? The development of science and technology has shortened the production cycle of blow molding machines and made production more controllable, and has also evolved a variety of blow molding machine production methods.

I Production process of blow molding machine

The production process of the blow molding machine is that the extruder continuously extrudes the tube blank. When the tube blank reaches the set length, the mold is closed, the tube blank is cut, and together with the mold, it is moved to the next station for inflation and cooling. , demoulding to obtain finished plastic products.

II Cooling method of blow molding machine

Speeding up the cooling rate can shorten the production cycle and speed up the cooling rate. So how many cooling methods are commonly used in the industry?

1. When the mold is cooled, when the parison is inflated in the mold, the melt is close to the mold cavity wall, and the heat of the melt passes through the product wall and is transferred to the cooling medium through the mold wall to reduce, so that the container is gradually cooled and shaped. Die cooling is the most common cooling method for extrusion blow molding.

2. Out-of-mold cooling is to take out the preliminarily cooled and shaped products and place them in an out-of-mold cooling device to continue cooling. This cooling method can reduce the cooling time of the product in the mold, shorten the molding cycle, and improve the production efficiency. This method is mainly used for blow molding of large products.

3. Internal cooling, extrusion blow molding, only the outer wall of the container is in contact with the inflation air, the heat transfer is less, and the cooling rate is also slow. The difference in the cooling rate between the inside and outside of the extrusion blow molding product not only prolongs the cooling time of the product, but also easily causes the product to warp and deform, and the use of internal cooling can significantly improve the production efficiency of the container.


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