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A list of these plastic blow molding articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional plastic blow molding, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Introduction to blow molding process
    This article will systematically introduce the related knowledge of blow molding process, including: principle, application, advantages and so on. What is the blow molding process?Blow molding process, also known as hollow blow molding process.Thermoplastic resin by extrusion or injection molding.....
  • Choose HDPE as the reason for blow molding raw materials
    There are many commonly used blow molding materials. Such as: HDPE, PP, PET, PC, LDPE and so on. Which one is suitable for blow molding? Our suggestion is HDPE. What is the reason for choosing HDPE as the raw material for blow molding? The following will give you a convincing answer.Before we get....
  • How does a blow molding machine make money?
    How much money can a blow molding machine make in a day? How profitable is a blow molding machine? How to improve the profit margin of blow molding machine? Presumably this is a question that everyone is more concerned about before buying a blow molding machine.How much profit a blow molding machine
  • Reasons for the unstable operation of the blow molding machine
    In the process of using the blow molding machine, you may have encountered all kinds of failure problems. Some failure problems may be caused by damage or other external reasons, and some of them may be caused by the unstable operation of the blow molding machine. , This article will popularize the
  • What can blow molding make? How much capacity can you produce?
    Domestic two-way stretch polyester bottle blow molding processing plastic packaging industry started relatively late, but since the 1980 s Japan imported PET bottle production line after, injection in represented by cola beverage packaging sector achieved good results, then introduced a large number
  • Solutions to blow molding product processing failures
    Several problems are prone to occur during the blowing process of blow molding products. The bottle is blown, the bottom is aggregated, the bottom is not correct, the bottle body is thin, the bottle is white, etc. How to distinguish whether it is a blowing problem or a bottle embryo problem? Now we
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