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Choose HDPE as the reason for blow molding raw materials

Views: 1     Author: HUAN Machinery     Publish Time: 28-10-2022      Origin: HUAN Machinery

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Choose HDPE as the reason for blow molding raw materials

There are many commonly used blow molding materials. Such as: HDPE, PP, PET, PC, LDPE and so on. Which one is suitable for blow molding? Our suggestion is HDPE. What is the reason for choosing HDPE as the raw material for blow molding? The following will give you a convincing answer.

Before we get started, let's get to know HDPE. Don't worry. These basic understandings are necessary. It can give you a better understanding of HDPE. At the same time, it can also help you know why to choose HDPE as blow molding material.

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English full name: High Density Motor Tests

English abbreviation: HDPE

Commonly known as: low pressure ethylene

Basic Characteristics: HDPE is an opaque white powder or granular product, tasteless; Soft and flexible;

Main Advantages:

At room temperature, insoluble in any organic solvent;

Hardness, tensile strength, rigidity and creep property are better than those of low density polyethylene.

Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, organic solvent resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good chemical stability;

Surface hardness, tensile strength, and other mechanical strength are higher than LDPE,

Main disadvantages:

Poor mechanical properties, poor ventilation, easy deformation, easy aging, low surface hardness, easy to scratch.

Application Occasions:

Water pipe

The bottle

Plastic box

Turnover box

Hollow products

Non-load bearing member

Extruded packaging film

Extrude blow molding container

Injection molding daily necessities and shells

big blow molding machine

Application of blow molding products:

From reusable thin-walled beverage cups to industrial containers.

Next, the topic.

Why choose HDPE as blow molding material? What's the reason for this? Rest assured! There will be no words that are particularly dull and difficult to understand. We will use as short and easy to understand sentences as possible. So you can have a better understanding.

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Price and quality are two considerations for most manufacturers when selecting raw materials. People want raw materials that are reliable and cheap. But often the quality of raw materials, usually relatively high prices. Isn't it? Therefore, people will struggle with the choice of quality and price. HDPE is a great way to solve one of these problems. That's its first advantage: low price.

1. It's affordable.

HDPE is cheap. It can help you save some of the cost of raw materials.

Then there's the other factor we consider: quality.

The following points are about quality.

2. Reliable raw materials

Just because it's cheap doesn't mean HDPE offers cheap quality. Its quality and performance are also reliable. It's a very strong plastic. It is perfect for blow molding. Especially for the production of industrial containers.

3. Convenient and light

You might think that for resin, it would have to be heavy. HDPE, however, floats in water. So HDPE is popular because of its light weight.

4. Durable and long life

HDPE has crack resistance. Can prolong the life of blow molding products. The corrosion resistance of HDPE can be widely used in various industries. Can maintain its performance in all weather conditions.

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HUAN Machinery recommends customers to use HDPE as blow molding raw material when using blow molding machine for production. Especially the production of buckets, pallets and other industrial blow molding products. Our customer gave us good feedback after using our blow molding machine combined with HDPE as blow molding material. The products produced are of good quality. It is better not to use other grades of raw materials, which will reduce the service life of the product.

When we are in production, if we use recycled raw materials, it will greatly save the cost of raw materials and increase profits. HDPE can do that.

Sustainably used materials. HDPE is a commonly used regenerative resin. This means that you can use recycled HDPE. Recycled HDPE is almost as durable, robust and versatile as its original material.

The above is the reason why HDPE is chosen as the raw material for blow molding. Do you understand?


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