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If you want to know more about the Chemical, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Chemical industry. More news about Chemical, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Chemical information!
  • How the Blow Molding Machine works
    Blow molding machine working principle: similar to blowing bubbles, the preferred resin to join the extruder, make it melt, through the ring hole into a closed end of the thin-walled round billet, and then through the compressed air, so that the blowing to the required thickness and width.Therefore,
  • Guide to blow molding machines
    HUAN machinery main four series of high technology content, high quality products: CNC plastic hollow molding bottle blowing machine 2.High precision blow mould;3. All-electric PET bottle blowing machine;4. Auxiliary equipment for bottle blowing machine.
  • Blow-molding machine specifications
    For fully automatic hollow blow molding machines, there are basically two typical designs, one is called the flexible ring type, the other is the mouth edge repair form.(1) Flexible ring technology Flexible ring type is through electro-hydraulic servo control thin-wall flexible ring in one direction
  • Daily maintenance and maintenance of blow molding machine
    Often see in blow molding machine in the plastic industry, it is a kind of plastic processing machinery. A blow molding machine on the market at present is to tens of thousands of yuan, even hundreds of thousands of, so we are in daily use to * and maintenance measures, it can prolong the life of th
  • Maintenance and protection of blow molding machine
    Bottle blowing machine may everyone are very familiar with, is mainly used for the bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing machine mainly plastic particles can be or have been softening liquid through a certain process means blow molding bottle, become people need compared and other raw materials, p
  • injection molding machine
    A cup of silky milk tea is the most comfortable drink in the late autumn and warm winter.The shapes of milk tea cups held in hand vary in size and shape. An interesting shape often brings different consumption experience to customers.Today we are going to talk about how plastic products of various s
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