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Guide to blow molding machines

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-04      Origin: Site

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Guide to blow molding machines

HUAN  machinery main four series of high technology content, high quality products: CNC plastic hollow molding bottle blowing machine 2.High precision blow mould;3. All-electric PET bottle blowing machine;4. Auxiliary equipment for bottle blowing machine.

Some did not understand the plastic machinery industry, always assume that blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine is the same, for it is no wonder that many users now small differences between blow molding machine and bottle blowing machine, is difficult to distinguish, in fact, this is equivalent to the plastic machinery and plastic extrusion machinery, he is just one of the sports events, such as blow molding machine is belong to according to the principle of plastic blowing machines, then it should contain hollow molding machine, bottle blowing machine, blown film machine, etc., but actually blow molding machine in the market mainly includes, bottle blowing machine, hollow blow molding machine, injection machine, two footwork bottle blowing machine, etc.

Blow molding machinery: mainly is the liquid plastic through the nozzle out, through the machine blow out of the sharp, the plastic liquid blown into the molding mold, after cooling into the product, and this machine is commonly called hollow blow molding machine is also a kind of blow molding machine.

The main production mode of plastic machinery is plasticizing and extrusion, so how to improve plastic machinery plasticizing and extrusion has become a major theme of plastic machinery manufacturers, to this our company to provide you with the following suggestions.

First, due to the use of recycled materials and tone-containing materials proportioning of products resulting in low extrusion efficiency, seriously affecting the production of some products, so it is recommended that hollow blow molding machine manufacturers research and development of blow molding machine, consider how to improve the plastic mechanical use of tone-containing materials and recycled materials plasticizing and extrusion capacity.

Second, optimize the flow passage structure of the nose. Because of the dead Angle in the structure of some flow passages, it is easy to make two long smudges appear on the closing line of low-light color hollow blow molding products.When producing primary color, milk white and other light color products, there is no other color on the hollow blow molding products required to be produced, the head must be cleaned very clean.In general, blow pressure and production rate of hollow blow molding machine will be affected by the above several main factors.