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Blow-molding machine specifications

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Blow-molding machine specifications

For fully automatic hollow blow molding machines, there are basically two typical designs, one is called the flexible ring type, the other is the mouth edge repair form.

(1) Flexible ring technology Flexible ring type is through electro-hydraulic servo control thin-wall flexible ring in one direction or two symmetric direction deformation to change the thickness of the extrusion blank.Its characteristic is that no matter what shape of blown products, as long as the diameter of the mouth mold is unchanged, the radial control can play a role.The design and manufacture of the structure

(2) Radial wall thickness control Technology Although axial wall thickness control can improve the distribution of wall thickness in the height direction of blown plastic products, the pressed plastic billet is still isopachous in the horizontal section, and it is still not good for some products with large tensile requirements in a certain symmetric direction, so the radial wall thickness control technology is produced.6L detergent bottle with handle reduces the net weight of the original bottle from 105g to 85g, reducing the plastic use by nearly 20%.The diameter sentence control technology can make the extruded billet show the change of non-circular section in the required section.

Bottle blowing machines are mainly divided into three types: extruder, injection and special structure bottle blowing machines.One-time molding, no manual secondary processing, beautiful products, accurate size, good sealing performance, in line with GMP production requirements.The processing technology is mainly divided into one - step method and two - step method.One - step and two - step bottle blowing machine molding process, mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding.Both have their own characteristics and are widely used.Comparatively speaking, the two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of preforms and dispersed blowing of bottles.The one-step equipment is more suitable for the online production of beverage enterprises.The blowing procedure of the bottle blowing machine mainly has six steps:

 1) Put the heated plastic embryo into the mold at first;

2) Use the clamping cylinder to tighten the mold;

3) The embryo is then locked with high pressure or mechanical structure;

4) Preblowing air at medium and high pressure, and at the same time stretching the cylinder makes the blank mold expand;

5) High pressure air blowing, the bottle embryo is shaped according to the mold, and the pressure is maintained for a certain time;From the previous manual machine has also developed to the current automatic hollow blow molding machine, so how should we reasonably choose it.

6) Release the high pressure in the molded bottle and restore the cylinder to take the bottle.

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