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injection molding machine

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injection molding machine

   A cup of silky milk tea is the most comfortable drink in the late autumn and warm winter.The shapes of milk tea cups held in hand vary in size and shape. An interesting shape often brings different consumption experience to customers.Today we are going to talk about how plastic products of various shapes come out of our lives.Most of these products are produced by blow molding machines and injection molding machines.The difference between a blow-molding machine and an injection molding machine lies in a blow-molding machine: a machine for producing plastic products by heating the plastic and blowing it into a diaphragm or a hollow hole.Injection molding machine: molding for thermoplastic plastics.It is similar to extruded molding, the difference is that the molten plastic through the nozzle into the closed mold, solidified in the mold formed products.A machine for producing plastic products by pressurizing molds with plastic.

Injection molding machine is mainly suitable for PET/PVC/PC/PA/PMMA plastic material.Blow-molding machine suitable for PE/HDPE, etc.

Bright colors bring some energy to this cold machine. This is our injection molding machine. Many of the products in our life are the masterpieces of it

Electronic industry: mobile phone case and some parts, laptop case, computer monitor case, mouse, keyboard, USB and so on

Home appliances: TV case, washing machine, refrigerator, hair dryer, telephone, power switch, socket, electric kettle handle and base, etc.

Daily necessities: microwave lunchbox, water cup, plastic stool, plastic table, plastic finishing box, plastic flowerpot, plastic dustpan, plastic bowl, plastic basin, plastic toys, water dispenser shell, drying rack and so on.

Cosmetic industry: some cosmetic packaging (bottles, LIDS), etc

Medical industry: disposable syringes, devices for adjusting liquid volume on infusion tubes, etc

Office supplies industry: whiteboard pen, ink pen, ruler, document holder, printer case, duplicator case, fax machine case, etc.

Blow-molding machine production of various sizes of bottles, chemical barrels, oil cans, plastic bench, buoys and so on.

This is our small caliber bottle cap, texture, bayonet, and shape for a comfortable feel.

Often used in beverages, small water bottles, medicine bottles, etc

This is our life commonly used clamshell lid, open a close, tight tight seal.Often used in our drink bottles.

he products produced by our machines are not limited to a single color but also can be mixed with many colors.

The technicians in our workshop keep debugging the machines and the molds to make the best products.

In order to ensure that the goods received by customers are in good condition, our team and technical personnel carried out the final test in the workshop to have a thorough understanding and communication with all the details in place, which fully met the customer's requirements. In addition, they also explained to customers better in the process of using the machine after the customer received it, so as to relieve the customer's troubles.

Since its establishment, Our Zhangjiagang huan Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to making blow molding machines, injection molding machines and auxiliary machines and molds for all kinds of plastic products, with more professional, more efficient and more intimate services to help you solve problems.We are here if you need us.


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