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How the Blow Molding Machine works

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-07      Origin: Site Inquire

Blow molding machine working principle: similar to blowing bubbles, the preferred resin to join the extruder, make it melt, through the ring hole into a closed end of the thin-walled round billet, and then through the compressed air, so that the blowing to the required thickness and width.Therefore, blown film is also known as tubular film.

After the liquid plastic spray out, the use of the wind blown out of the machine, the plastic body blow attached to a certain shape of the mold cavity, so as to make products, this machine is called the blow molding machine.The plastic is melted and quantitatively extruded in a screw extruder, then moulded through the mouth membrane, cooled by an air ring, then pulled at a certain speed by a tractor, and wound into coils by a winding machine.

Plastic and hopper into the extruder barrel, with the rotation of the screw, forced to push the direction of the machine head.Due to the resistance of the filter screen, the shunt plate and the die of the machine head, and the capacity between the screw threads is gradually reduced, the forward material is subject to great resistance, and at the same time is heated by the incoming heat of the material cylinder;On the other hand, plastic in motion by compression, shear, mixing and other forces, and the friction between the cylinder, screw and plastic molecular friction, will produce a lot of heat.Due to the increasing temperature of plastic in the cylinder, its physical state gradually changes from glass state to high elastic state, and finally to viscofluid state, and further complete plasticization.Because the screw in the continuous rotation, the plasticized plastic isopressure, the same amount of extrusion from the head die, known as plastic products with a certain shape.After cooling and finalizing, extrusion molding is completed.

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