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hdpe drum making machine

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  • Analysis of repair problems of blow molding machine in workshop

    In addition to the usual grasp of the fault status, the repairer of the blow molding machine in the workshop should collect the "fault repair list" and repair records on a monthly basis. After calculating, sorting and analyzing the fault data, calculate the fault frequency and average fault distance

  • What is the use of cooling water in the production process of hollow blow molding machine?

    The cooling water of the hollow blow molding machine, its function can be seen from its name, that is, cooling, but, in different process links of the hollow blow molding machine, the role of cooling is different, let's take a look What is the use of the cooling water of the hollow blow molding mach

  • What are the methods to control the uniform gap of the automatic blow molding machine when assembling the punching needle?

    The quality of the punching needle and the service life of the punching needle in the automatic blow molding machine have a great relationship with the uniformity of the gap between the cold punches.In order to ensure the correct position and uniform gap between the convex and horizontal and the con

  • The principle of double ring barrel blow molding machine

    1. The principle of double ring barrel blow molding machineIn simple terms, the working principle of the blow molding machine is similar to blowing bubbles. After the plastic and the hopper enter the extruder barrel, as the screw rotates, it is forced to the direction of the machine head by the thre

  • Extrusion blow molding machine & auxiliary machines

    Extrusion blow molding machine Extrusion blow molding machine is a machine that can make plastic products. First, the raw material is heated to complete plasticization, extruded through an extruder to form a tubular parison, injected into the mold, compressed air is introduced into the mold, the parison is inflated, adhered to the inner wall of the mold, and finally demolded after cooling , to obtain a variety of hollow plastic products.

  • Analysis and Solution of Static Electricity in Blow Molding Production

    When the molten plastic parison falls on the open mold, the electrostatic charge will cause the following problems:1. When there is more than one parison on each mold, the static charge always has the same polarity. This way the parisons will repel each other. In this case, it is usually impossible

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