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Installation sequence of plastic blow molding machine

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Installation sequence of plastic blowing equipment

Plastic blowing equipment as an important production and processing equipment, its installation process is in a strict order, small series to take you to understand, the installation order of plastic blowing equipment is how.

1. Dig the foundation pit according to the instructions of the plastic blowing machine; at the same time, dig out the wire pipe, upper and lower water pipe and compressed air conveying pipe ditch.

2. According to the distance size of the anchor bolt hole of the plastic blowing machine, fix the anchor hole wood mold. The foot hole should be trapezoidal or small and large conical.

mould plate

3. Shop the electricity, water and gas transmission pipelines.

4. watering stick condensation soil, leave a foot hole. Cover the concrete with straw bag, pour water twice a day for health, the ambient temperature should not be less than 5 degrees.

5. After 7 days of cement, remove the foothole template and lift the blowing machine flat according to the foothole position; roughly find the height, level and center line position of the blowing machine.

6. Put the equipment fastening bolts in the foot hole, pass the bolts through the foundation hole of the equipment, and screw the nut. Note the thread length for equipment height adjustment.

plastic machine

7. With concrete pouring foot hole, health period should be more than 10 days.

8.With a pair of inclined iron plate (slope 1 / 20-1 / 10) and a steel plate into a group: steel plate under, a pair of inclined iron plate oblique opposite combination on the steel plate, pad on both sides of the anchor bolt. Use a diagonal iron plate to adjust the center height of the blowing machine. At the same time, the center line of the screw of the blowing machine coincides with the center line of the blowing machine, highly consistent.

9.The pre-tightening of the anchor bolt should be diagonal pre-tightening of the bolt nut, the tightening force should be balanced.

Correct the level of blowing machine equipment, center height and center line position.

Fighten the foot bolt holes.

Connect water and electrical line

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