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Analysis of repair problems of blow molding machine in workshop

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Analysis of repair problems of blow molding machine in workshop

In addition to the usual grasp of the fault status, the repairer of the blow molding machine in the workshop should collect the "fault repair list" and repair records on a monthly basis. After calculating, sorting and analyzing the fault data, calculate the fault frequency and average fault distance period of various blow molding machines, analyze the fault dynamics and main fault causes of a single blow molding machine, and find out the fault occurrence rules, so as to highlight The main point is to take countermeasures and reflect the fault information and analysis materials to the plan part, so as to organize the prevention and repair or improvement of the solution plan, and can also be used as the basis for correcting the regular inspection distance period, inspection content and specifications.

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According to the calculated materials, the calculation and analysis chart can be drawn. For example, the dynamic calculation and analysis table of a single blow molding machine failure is an effective method for the repair team to visually manage the failure and others, which is convenient for managers and repair workers to grasp the various types in time The situation of the blow molding machine failure can also have a clear goal when determining the repair measures.

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After the normal inspection of the blow molding machine repair workers and the inspection of the blow molding machine status, the obtained status information and fault signs, as well as the relevant records and analysis materials, are reviewed by the workshop blow molding machine repairer or repair team leader for various types of blow molding machines. If there is any doubt, organize regular repairs in a timely manner, make full use of the production space or holidays, and prevent them from happening in the first place, so as to control and reduce the occurrence of failures. For some fault signs and dangers that cannot be afforded by ordinary repairs, it will be reflected in the plan part of the organization to plan repairs.

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Usually, the blow molding machine is also subjected to normal spot inspection, patrol inspection, regular inspection (including precision inspection), and inspection of flawless conditions through human senses and ordinary inspection tools, focusing on grasping the technical status and abnormality of parts, organizations and parts that are prone to failure. phenomenon information. At the same time, it is necessary to formulate inspection specifications to determine the boundaries of normal, abnormal and faulty blow molding machines.


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