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IBC tank blow molding machine for 500L 800L 1000L 1200L IBCs

IBC tank blow molding machine can produce 500L 800L 1000L 1200L IBC tanks, 1 layer 2 layer 3 layer optional.
IBC tank daily output: 600 tanks per day for standard type ; 874 tanks per day for high speed type
Delievery time: 30-45 days
The lBC tank, Intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBC tank, IBC tote, IBC, or pallet tank) , is made up of an hdpe inner tank and a steel frame. Compared to L-ring drums, the lBC tanks can save up to 35% of storage space and can be reused multiple times, significantly reducing the overall cost of usage.

The IBC Tank Extrusion Blow Molding Machine produced by HUAN Machinery is for 500L to 1200L IBC tanks production. These IBC tanks are widely used across the chemical, filling, and transportation industries due to their ease of stacking, which reduces storage space and saves costs.

Key Features & Advantages for IBC Blow Molding Machine

  • German Technology: Precise and mechanical design with top-level German technology for excellent reliability and technology.

  • Continuous Production: The IBC tank blow molding machine can 365 days non-stop operation, ensuring a 24/7 output to meet client demand.

  • Experienced Cases: With the trust of our clients, we have supplied 188 IBC tank blow molding machines to both domestic and international markets.

  • High Output: Standard production of 600 tanks/day for a 14kg IBC inner tank, with a high-speed option of 864 tanks/day.

Technical Specifications for IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

Machine Model BSM1000
Product Capacity 500L 800L 1000L 1200L IBC Tanks
Layer 2 3
Extruders 120mm/120mm 90mm/120mm/90mm
Main Drive 110kw/110kw 75kw/110kw/75kw
Max. Extrusion Output 850kg/hr 1050kg/hr
Clamping Force 2000KN 2000KN
Average Energy Consumption 160kw 170kw

Operating System & Mold for IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

Operating System: Equipped with MOOG's wall thickness control system, Gefran PLC, and a precision control system to ensure uniform tank wall thickness, reduce flash material, and save costs.

Operate system for IBC machine

Mold: The IBC tank mold is made from high hardness aluminum material with an advanced cooling system, ensuring a high output rate of 25 tanks/hour.

IBC tank mould

Multilayer IBC tanks

Customer Show for IBC Machines

EU Client: "Can’t distinguish HUAN machine and European machine, considerate & top-level EBM."

USA Client: "Chinese technology is amazing, we have to try IBC tank blow molding machine."

EU Client: "We are so excited that we found European-level IBC blow molding machine with economic cost."

Turkish Client: "Really unbelievable, our engineer learned to operate the 1000L IBC tote blowing machine in just one day."

IBC tank machine customers

About HUAN Plastic Machinery

Total Solutions: We are a total solution provider for 25L, 200L, and 1000L IBC packaging projects.

Technology Focus: Our focus is on co-extrusion blow molding machines with German technology and zero-labor full automation.

Client Benefits: We help clients save on labor costs, achieve high-level output, and ensure stable, continuous operation for maximum profit.

IBC tank full production line

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