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How to control the wall thickness of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine?

Views: 6     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 22-04-2021      Origin: Huan Machinery

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How to control the wall thickness of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine?

Extrusion blow molding machine is one of the important equipment parts of plastic hollow products. It can produce a variety of plastic blow molding products. During the production process, some products need to control the wall thickness problem, so how to control the wall thickness?


For products produced using hollow blow molding machines, the wall thickness is generally controlled. There are two ways to control the wall thickness. Control blow molding machine parts and parison wall thickness control device.

The way to control the hdpe plastic extrusion blow molding machine equipment is to adjust the head gap, flow rate, and head temperature of the equipment to control the thickness of the output product.

Moog parison controller +HITECH touch screen

Our commonly used wall thickness control method is the wall thickness controller. The equipment is generally designed to select a suitable controller during the production process of the extrusion blow moulding machine, and then install it on the equipment. During the production process of the pe bottle blow molding machine, combine with the equipment controls and adjusts the wall thickness of the product together.


As for the wall thickness controller, when producing hollow molding equipment with complex cross-sections, the adjustment effect of the wall thickness controller will be more critical than controlling the temperature and flow rate. At the same time, it can also be designed according to the process and equipment parameters. The control and adjustment of the wall thickness is shorter, more efficient and energy-saving.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacutre

The thick-wall controller uses the control to use the split point control, that is, after the plastic raw material is melted into a molten state, it is extruded through the die to form a parison. The parison is divided into multiple points, and each is divided into multiple points. Click to control, narrow the control range, and achieve better control effect.








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