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HUAN MACHINERY: Efficient IBC Machine Line for Turkey's Chem Plant

Views: 6     Author: IBC Machine     Publish Time: 2024-04-01      Origin: Site

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HUAN MACHINERY: Efficient IBC Machine Line for Turkey's Chem Plant

In the chemical industry, choosing a reliable IBC machine production line supplier is very important to ensure product quality and production efficiency. HUAN MACHINERY With its comprehensive product testing, high-quality packaging services, and rich industry experience, it has won the trust of global customers.

This article will detail the advantages of our products IBC steel tubes, IBC valves, IBC caps, etc., and services, and show our professional strength through specific pictures.

Comprehensive product testing: to ensure the quality of each link

IBC steel parts

HUAN Machinery knows that product quality is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. So, we performed a strict testing process for each component in theIBC machine production line. According to the latest shipment data, our products have reached high standards in thickness, weight, and zinc layer.

For example, the detection of the product IBC bottom pallet shows that both the weight and the zinc layer tests pass to ensure the durability and corrosion resistance of the product.

We use the Schuetz quality galvanized steel coil Angang S250GD, which is a good choice for producing an IBC tank (Intermediate Bulk Container Tank) because of its excellent mechanical properties, weldability, and corrosion resistance, which ensures the durability and reliability of the product.

For the problems found in the test, we timely adjust and optimize to ensure that all products can meet customer expectations before the final shipment.

Quality packaging service: to ensure the safe transportation of products

IBC material package

As your supplier, HUAN MACHINERY is well aware of your high standards for product quality and transportation safety. We are committed to ensuring the safe arrival of your IBC tank raw materials on long-sea shipping, unaffected by moisture and bumps.

Our packaging team focuses on every detail to ensure that your cargo remains intact and free from damage after more than 30 days at sea.We use double-layer waterproof oil paper to tightly package the metal steel pipe of the IBC tanks to resist the moisture brought by seawater and prevent IBC steel tubes from rust.

For small accessories such as IBC tank corner, bottom corner, and so on, we accurately arrange and fix them to ensure that they do not move during transportation, thus avoiding any possible extrusion and collision.

In the packaging process, we not only adopted advanced packaging materials and technology to protect the product from damage in transit but also implemented a detailed numbering and labeling system.

Each category of product is packaged with a unique number, along with a clear label. These labels contain not only the basic information of the product, such as model number, specifications, and production batch but also provide key logistics information, such as destination and transportation routes. Such systematic management not only helps us to maintain high efficiency in the shipment process, but more importantly, it provides a reliable tracking mechanism for our customers.

With these numbers and labels, customers can easily track the quality of each item, at every link from production to delivery. This not only enhances the transparency of the supply chain but also enables customers to quickly conduct quality inspection and inventory management after receiving the goods, to ensure that the products meet the expected standards.

In addition, we also provide boxed pictures and video services, our goal is to provide you with a carefree purchasing experience through these detailed measures, so that you are satisfied and assured to choose HUAN MACHINERY as your supplier, to ensure that every product can safely and completely reach customers around the world.

Perfect shipment preparation

We understand the importance of perfect shipping preparation to secure the product to customers. Therefore, we not only conduct the final inspection of the product before shipment but also implement strict supervision and control measures throughout the shipment process.

Before IBC raw materials, our quality inspection team will arrive at the factory in advance for multiple quality tests. We will carefully inspect each batch of raw materials to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. At the same time, we will also conduct a strict review of the packaging situation to ensure that each product is properly protected against various conditions that may be encountered during transportation.

Our employees not only participate in the final inspection of the product but also record the entire packaging process, including taking photos and videos, as proof of our responsibility and commitment to the customers. Our goal is to ensure that each product is properly and safely placed in the shipping box, thereby avoiding any damage during transportation.

From the moment the container arrives at the factory, to the moment the container door closes, our staff will track and monitor the shipping process. We will ensure that the goods are shipped well, not missing any product, packed reasonably, and stacked neatly, to maximize the space utilization of the container and ensure the stability of the goods. Our professional team will ensure that all the shipping links comply with international transportation safety standards so that customers can rest assured about the whole transportation of the products.

IBC tank raw material

We are committed to providing our customers with worry-free shipping services. Our goal is to ensure that every shipment is perfect through our professionalism and carefulness so that customers' products can arrive safely and on time.

Customer repurchase case: the best proof of strength

This IBC raw materials shipment is a repurchase order of one of our Turkish chemical plant customers, which is the best recognition of our service and product quality. The customer was very satisfied with the performance and efficiency of our IBC machine line and decided to choose us as their partner again.

Customer repurchase case is not only a recognition of our HUAN MACHINERY products and service quality but also the best proof of our strength. Our customers are all over the world. They not only choose our IBC machine production line at once but also repurchase customers from many countries, which fully demonstrates their trust in us and confidence in our technology.

While providing the IBC machine production line for customers, we also provide a comprehensive raw material supply service. Whether it's high-quality HDPE particles, IBC steel pipes, or our proud IBC valves(our valves ensure 100% leakage-free, quality of the world's top 10), and IBC covers designed for IBC containers, the HUAN MACHINERY meets customer needs.

Our IBC valve is particularly worth mentioning, it not only achieves the ultimate in packaging, ensuring zero leakage, but also reaches the international top level in quality. This point has been repeatedly verified in our customer repurchase orders, and our valves have performed well in practical use and won the unanimous praise of customers.

HUAN MACHINERY Provide a complete IBC tank machine production line solution. If you have any questions about how to produce an IBC tote or encounter any difficulties in the production process, our professional team will be ready to provide you with technical support and consulting services. Our goal is to ensure that every customer can smoothly and efficiently produce IBC tote containers that meet international standards.

Our IBC's machine production line is committed to providing customers with comprehensive testing, quality packaging, and transparent production processes. Our service and product advantages, as well as customers' repurchase cases, all prove that we are a trustworthy partner of chemical enterprises. We look forward to working with more chemical enterprises and industry package companies to establish a long-term relationship.

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