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High-quality raw material selection: environmentally friendly Jerrycan blow molding

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High-quality raw material selection: environmentally friendly Jerrycan blow molding

The article will explore the application of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and recycled plastics (PCR) in Jerrycan production, and how to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical production processes through advanced blow molding technology.

Jerrycan as a widely used storage and transportation container, the selection of its production materials plays a decisive role in the quality and environmental protection of the products. With a growing global focus on sustainability, manufacturers are seeking ways to combine efficient production technologies and environmentally friendly materials. This paper will detail how to optimize the prod

uction process of Jerrycan through blow molding machine technology while selecting the most suitable material to meet the needs of different applications.

How to choose material for blow molding production?

Suitable for jerrycan blow molding making machine production material

1. High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is a preferred material for Jerrycan production due to its superior mechanical properties and chemical stability. The plastic can not only withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions but also resist the erosion of a variety of chemicals, ensuring the long-term durability of the container. The melt flow and molding characteristics of HDPE make the produced Jerrycan with good mechanical properties and stable quality.

HDPE is a recycled material that can be used in production again, helping you reduce the waste of raw materials and saving jerrycan's production costs.


2.Recycling plastics (PCR)

PCR plastic is a post-consumer recycled material. During choosing PCR, you can choose the suitable type for bottle-blowing production.

PCR is made of recycled plastic, instead of some HDPE, reduces the raw material needed for the virgin HDPE, protects the environment, and promotes the recycling of plastics.


3.Food type jerrycan production raw material choose

When you are producing food-grade plastic jerry cans, HUAN MACHINERY recommends using the double-layer blow molding machine. The inner layer uses virgin material (HDPE) to ensure the chemical resistance and durability of the plastic products produced, making sure it's in direct contact with food; the outer layer can be made of PCR materials. This not only enhances the structural integrity of the container but also promotes sustainability by utilizing recycled content.


As our special and precise design of extruder screws and die head, the Coex 2 layers jerrycan blow molding-making machine can produce 5L 20L 25L jerrycans that are beautiful and strong.


Blow molding technology and materials

Blow molding is a key process for producing plastic products, jerrycan making machine heating hdpe and PCR raw materials to a molten state, and then blowing them into the mold through screw extrusion heating. The machine is equipped with the KEBA wall thickness control system to precisely control the distribution and thickness of the material, ensuring that the container produced is uniform and strong. Through blow molding technology, HDPE and PCR materials can be efficiently processed into Jerrycan of various specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different markets.


Advantages of a fully automated jerry can production line

Automatic blow molding production line can realize seamless docking from raw material processing to finished product inspection, to achieve 0 manual automatic production. Automatic feed machines, intelligent manipulators, leak detectors weighing machines, and other auxiliary equipment, not only improve production efficiency but also reduce human error, to ensure the consistency and quality of products. In addition, the design of the fully automated production line enables the equipment to operate throughout the year, providing enterprises with stable production capacity and a reliable supply chain.

 25L blow molding machine (3)

High-quality Jerrycan meeting the UN standards

The Jerrycan produced by our molding machine production line not only meets environmental standards but also meets the strict quality requirements of the UN. This means that our products can be safely used to store and transport a variety of substances, including dangerous goods, ensuring the global versatility and safety of the products.


By careful selection of production materials and advanced blow molding technology, we can produce Jerrycan that is both environmentally friendly and durable. Choose our blow molding machine and materials, let us help you increase your profits.


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