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Application of multi-layer co-extruded plastic bottle

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With the improvement of packaging requirements and the continuous development of technology, multi-layer barrier plastic bottles have appeared in the food industry and pesticide industry to replace some traditional glass bottles and tin cans. Under the premise of ensuring the same functional use, plastic bottles are light, easy to handle, and not easily broken, which are more and more popular among users.


In order to block oxygen and prevent penetration, in the production process of plastic bottles, a multi-layer co-extrusion technology will be used to add an EVOH layer. EVOH not only shows good processability, but also shows excellent blocking effect on gases, fragrances and solvents, which can effectively block the entry of oxygen and prevent the penetration of harmful liquids.

The raw material of EVOH bottle is ethylene or vinyl alcohol copolymer. EVOH bottle has good toughness, can withstand and deformation has strong elasticity, especially the outer transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength are excellent. EVOH bottles are reusable and are now widely used around the world with the high performance of EVOH bottles.

EVOH bottles have always been the most widely used high-barrier material. In addition to the non-stretching type, the film types of this material include biaxially oriented, aluminum vapor deposition, and adhesive-coated types. Among the biaxially oriented types, there are heat-resistant types for aseptic packaging products.


The barrier properties of EVOH bottles depend on the ethylene content. Generally speaking, when the ethylene content increases, the gas barrier properties decrease, but it is easy to process.

The remarkable feature of EVOH bottle is that it has excellent gas barrier properties and excellent processability. In addition, it has excellent transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, stretchability, abrasion resistance, cold resistance and surface strength.

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