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Child Toy Blow Molding Making Machine


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Huan Machinery offers an extrusion blow molding machine for plastic child toys, including ocean sea balls, children's basketball hoops, and more. Create a variety of hollow plastic products with our reliable blow machine.
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Plastic Child Toy Blow Molding Machine

Welcome to HUAN, your trusted partner for innovative blow molding solutions. Our cutting-edge blow molding machines seamlessly integrate with the production of blow mold toys, offering unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Toy Blow Molding Machine Advantages:

  1. High Precision Molding: Our blow molding machines are engineered to deliver precise and consistent results, ensuring the production of flawlessly crafted blow mold toys every time.

  2. Versatile Production: From intricate designs to large-scale manufacturing, our machines cater to a wide range of blow mold toy production needs, allowing for versatility in product offerings.

  3. Cost Efficiency: With advanced automation and streamlined processes, our blow molding machines optimize production efficiency, reducing operational costs and maximizing profitability for your business.

  4. Customization Options: Tailor your blow mold toy production to meet specific market demands with our customizable machine settings, enabling flexibility in design and product variations.

  5. Reliability and Support: Backed by our comprehensive technical support and maintenance services, you can rely on our blow molding machines to operate smoothly and consistently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Toy blow molding machine instruction:

The extrusion blow molding machine is standard type machine with double station tie bar structure, The clamping structure is three or four tie bars direct locking structure with automatic lubrication system. The structure is simple and stable and it is convenient for plastics waste collection.

The whole machine adopts computer control, simple operation, reliable work, high degree of automation, good interchangeability of components,realize one machine multi-purpose. It can choose single and double mode-shifting models to meet different output requirements. It can be equipped with single head, double head, four head, multi-layer head, double transparent line head and servo wall thickness control head to meet the requirements of different products.

Specification BSM100N-160L
Max product volume (L) 160
Machine weight (T) 20
Machine size(m) 6.8X3.X5.3
Extrusion unit
Screw diameter (mm) 100
Length/Diameter ratio 28/1
Heating zone No. (pcs) 5
Heating power (kw) 25.1
Cooling fan No. (pcs) 5
Fan power (kw) 0.65
Extrusion motor power (kw) 55
Plasticizing capacity (kg/h) 215
Die head
Head type accumulating
Accumulating volume (L) 20
Max ejection weight (kg) 15
Heating Zone No. (pcs) 5
Heating power (kw) 30
Max die diameter (mm) 450
Clamping unit
Clamping force (KN) 780
Platen size (mm) 1100*1400
Platen opening stroke (mm) 600-1400
Max mould size (mm) 900*1800
Mould thickness (mm) 610-780
Total power (kw) 160
Average energy consumption (kw) 56

Types of toys that can be produced

  1. ocean ball

  2. plastic christmas tree

  3. Christmas balls

  4. children's slide

  5. child rocking horse

  6. children's basketball stand

  7. children's bowling

  8. Other PP PE hollow plastic toys

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