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Automatic Plastic 1000L IBC Tank Container Making Machine for sale

1000L IBC tank blowing mould making machine ,whole produciton line to our customers. Achieve superior quality and durability with our innovative technology. Elevate your production standards and efficiency, meeting diverse industrial needs effortlessly.
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IBC full line

Automatic Plastic 1000L IBC Tank Container Making Machine for sale

In the packaging solutions, the evolution from single-layer to advanced 6 layers IBC blow molding technology has been transformative. The price for 1 layer to 6 layer automatic IBC tank blowing mould machine, ranging from USD 280,000 to USD 568,000.

Automatic IBC blowing mould machines redefine industry standards by seamlessly merging high-performance capabilities with remarkable cost efficiency. Engineered to save up to 500 kWh within 24 hours, these machines revolutionize the cost dynamics of IBC blow molding processes. Featuring a versatile screw plasticization system, they eliminate material selectivity concerns while ensuring an impressive 99.9% product yield. Rapid color transitions from blue (or black) to white minimize downtime, coupled with high throughput capacity, optimizing production output and cost-effectiveness. Reliability remains a cornerstone, ensuring stable operations and minimal disruptions. Additionally, a user-friendly mold loading and unloading mechanism streamlines processes, enhancing operational efficiency while maximizing cost savings.

IBC blow molding machine

IBC tank blow molding machine

IBC tank blow molding machine produce 500L to 1000L HDPE IBC tanks. Crafted to meet your production needs, it ensures top-quality output in 3 layers IBC tanks. Enjoy reliability, customization options, and energy efficiency, empowering you to achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

Energy-Efficient Manufacturing: Only 180kW for 600pcs/day

Model BSM1000L-3 layer extrusion blow molding machine
Fininshed Product
1000L IBC tank,500L IBC tank
Max. product volume 1000L
Plastic material HDPE
Multi-extrusion layer possible 3 layers (Apply for light-proof IBC tank,recycled materilal layer)
Auxiliary equipments blow mould, mixer, vacuum auto-loader, dryer, crusher, water & fans chiller, air compressor, conveyor system for deflashing parts, conveyor system for finished product delivery, leak test machine.


1. The machine is high speed, high quality. The clamping system is with nether bending arm type. It can make sure the clamping force to be enough.

2. The mahine is with 100 point parison control system and with one set of seperate oil tank system for MOOG system.

3. The machine is with MITSUBISHI PLC and Gefran operation screen.

4. The machine is with FESTO pneumatic parts.

5. The machine is with YUKEN hydraulic pump and valves.

IBC blowing blow mould
IBC mould mould

IBC tank mould

Delivering excellence through precision engineering and a commitment to quality, our IBC tank molds stand as a testament to our expertise. With a rich history of producing over 200 molds, we have perfected the art of crafting Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) molds that redefine industry standards. Our molds play a pivotal role in ensuring impeccable surface smoothness and seamless valve interfaces, crucial factors determining the overall quality and safety of liquid storage containers. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, we prioritize flawlessness in every detail, guaranteeing a superior finish and flawless valve integration. Our dedication to crafting molds of unparalleled quality assures clients of exceptional IBC tanks, characterized by unparalleled smoothness and seamless valve connections, providing a reliable liquid storage solution of the highest caliber.

Brand components

brand parts MOOG wall thickness controller
Delta servo drive
Sumitomo pump
Hysis servo motor
Yuken pump
Flender gear box
Siemens Bader motor

HDPE Inner IBC Tank

ibc inner tanks

Explore our customizable IBC inner tanks, available in 1 to 6 layers and varying capacities like 500L or 1000L. Tailored to your needs, we offer different shapes, personalized engravings, and a spectrum of colors. Our tanks ensure secure liquid storage and transportation, meeting diverse requirements with precision engineering and adaptable design. Trust us to deliver durability, customization, and reliability in every IBC inner tank.

IBC blowing

IBC Machine Case Show



The IBC tank blow molding machines, backed by a proven track record of 88 successful cases. Each case study showcases diverse production lines, serving as valuable references for your consideration. We take pride in our accomplishments, having effectively delivered comprehensive 0 to 1 services to clients across European markets, Russia, Dubai, and beyond. Our expertise extends beyond mere provision; we excel in establishing complete IBC tank production lines, tailored to meet specific client needs. With a wealth of experience, our machines have empowered clients to initiate and thrive in the IBC tank manufacturing industry. 

Shipment for IBC Blow Molding Machine

IBC blow molding machine shipment

Transporting & Packaging for IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine

Our IBC Tank Blow Molding Machine is expertly packed for secure transportation. Using top-grade materials and specialized handling, we ensure safe delivery to your location. Tailoring packaging to your needs, we prioritize the machine's safety throughout transit. For details, contact us.

Our Customers

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