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Automatic Filling Line,Bottle Filling Equipment & Machine,Custom Solution

Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-08-23      Origin: Huan Machinery


1. Water treatment part

The water treatment process is that the water in the raw water tank passes through a quartz sand filter, an activated carbon filter, and a cartridge filter to filter out the impurities, location and particles in the raw water. After reaching the reverse osmosis system, the reverse osmosis system filters out bacteria and heavy metals, and then passes through the ultraviolet sterilization system and the ozone sterilization system to obtain purified water, which is stored in a purified water tank.


2. Carbon dioxide beverage mixing part

First, the powdered sugar is melted into a syrup through a sugar melting pot, and the syrup is mixed with water through a mixing tank, and then the granular sugar is filtered out through a filter and then injected into the beverage mixer. The carbon dioxide is filtered by a carbon dioxide filter and then injected into the beverage mixer to be fully mixed with sugar water to form a beverage.


3. Filling part

The machine adopts a three-in-one filling machine, which realizes three functions in one machine: bottle washing, filling, and capping. Bottle washing is to use the purified water produced by filtering before to rinse the bottle, and then the bottle starts to fill. The filling machine of carbon dioxide beverage is isobaric filling, which needs to be started when the internal pressure of the bottle is equal to the pressure of the carbon dioxide beverage storage tank. Filling can ensure that the carbon dioxide does not leak, and the taste of the drink will not be impressed. When the beverage is filled, screw the cap immediately to ensure the cleanliness and taste of the beverage to the greatest extent, without any pollution or change.

After the bottle is filled, the overall temperature of the bottle is about 4 degrees. This temperature will condense water on the bottle wall when exposed to the air, which is not conducive to labeling and packaging. The bottle warmer needs to continue to spray warm water on the bottle to gradually heat the bottle. It can be labeled after it reaches 35-40 degrees and then dried in the bottle dryer.


4. Packing part

The main machines are labeling machines, inkjet printers, and packing machines

Labeling machine: The labeling machine is a hot melt adhesive labeling machine, and the labeling machines used for carbonated beverages are all hot melt adhesive labeling machines.

Inkjet printer: the main function of the inkjet printer is to print the date or number on the bottle or lid

Packing machine: This machine is a linear film packing machine, and its output is 15 packs per minute. This is a fully automatic packing machine, which can realize automatic automatic bottle-dividing packaging film cutting, automatic automatic heat shrinking and cooling.


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