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hdpe milk jug making machine

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  • Extrusion blow molding machine mould designing
    Blow molding can be divided into two blow molding methods, hollow and film. Hollow blow molding can also be divided into extrusion blowing, injection blowing, extrusion stretch blowing, injection stretch blowing and other molding methods. Today, I will briefly introduce the key points of extrusion blow molding design. The extrusion blow mold is mainly composed of two half molds, which are generally composed of a mold body, a mold cavity, a clamping blank, a guide post, etc. The main requirements for the mold structure design are as follows,
  • How to do the right test of the hollow blow molding machine?
    How to do the right test of the hollow blow molding machine? I.The barrel does not heat up and test run inspection II, the barrel heating test run inspection
  • What are the advantages of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine?
    Extrusion blow molding is a kind of plastic granulation equipment. The liquid plastic is sprayed out, and the equipment blows out the wind quickly to blow the plastic body into the designed mold core. The inside of the equipment is hollow, so it is called a hollow blow molding machine.
  • injection molding machine
    A cup of silky milk tea is the most comfortable drink in the late autumn and warm winter.The shapes of milk tea cups held in hand vary in size and shape. An interesting shape often brings different consumption experience to customers.Today we are going to talk about how plastic products of various s