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What are the advantages of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine?

Views: 82     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-04-02      Origin: Huan Machinery

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What are the advantages of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine?

Extrusion blow molding is a kind of plastic granulation equipment. The liquid plastic is sprayed out, and the equipment blows out the wind quickly to blow the plastic body into the designed mold core. The inside of the equipment is hollow, so it is called a hollow blow molding machine. Everyone who knows about extrusion blow molding machines knows that there is a great demand for blow molding machines in the industry, and there are many manufacturers of blow molding machines. So how can we choose the most suitable extrusion blow molding machine by ourselves.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacutre

  1. Fully automatic extrusion blow molding machine, as industrial development for so many years, the traditional manual error is easy to cause blow molding failure, material loss can also be avoided, and the cost price is reduced. 

extrusion blow molding

2. The molding speed of extrusion blow molding machine, slow blow molding speed is low for the production efficiency of the enterprise.But the machine which is equipped with electromagnetic induction heater and infrared heating equipment can complete the blow molding process together with mold. The higher squeezing force greatly improves the production efficiency.

plastic blow mold

3. The structure of extrusion blow moulding machine is simple and the operation is convenient. The stagnant water of the blow molding machine improves the design and production of the machine more intelligently. On the basis of ensuring the quality and performance, choose the blowing machine with a simpler, smarter structure and more convenient operation.


4.The production is efficient and energy-saving. The extrusion blow molding machine has an extra layer of insulation, which increases the utilization rate of heat energy, and can directly heat the material tube, reducing the heat loss during the heat transfer process. At the same time, the heating speed is also a quarter faster than that of ordinary heaters. More than one, reduce the heating time. The heating speed is fast, the production efficiency is improved, and the power loss caused by high power and low demand is reduced.

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