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These are related to the blow molding products news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in blow molding products and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand blow molding products market.
  • Notes on carbonization of plastic products

    1 Temperature and time controlThe processing temperature of plastic products is determined according to the requirements of raw materials and plasticization of products, and can not be too high or too low. Too low temperature will lead to too much load, but also the appearance of the product water...

  • Common problems and solutions of hollow blow molding products

    Hollow blow molding products are widely used in all walks of life, containers, drinks bottles, toys... It can be said that hollow products have been integrated into our life. Today, let's look at the common problems and solutions of hollow blow molding products.First of all, the first problem with h

  • Wall thickness control of plastic blow molding products

    The wall thickness of plastic blow molding products is one of the important factors affecting product quality. If we want to produce high quality plastic blow molding products, the wall thickness control of plastic blow molding products should not be ignored.

  • Plastic blow molding products common surface quality defects and solutions

    Today, HUAN MACHINERY would like to share with you the common surface quality defects of plastic blow molding products and corresponding solutions.In the process of blow molding production, even if we correctly operate the production process, the production of blow molding products will always......

  • How to judge whether blow molding products are qualified

    I believe that many people are troubled by a problem that is how to judge whether blow molding products are qualified? What are the inspection standards for blow molding products? Today, let's talk about how to judge whether blow molding products are qualified, and what are the inspection standards...

  • Process control and characteristics of blow molding products

    Since the performance of blown film has a great relationship with the production process parameters, in the process of film blowing, it is necessary to strengthen the control of process parameters, standard process operations, to ensure the smooth production of production, and to obtain high-quality

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