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How to judge whether blow molding products are qualified

Views: 0     Author: HUAN Machinery     Publish Time: 2022-10-25      Origin: HUAN Machinery

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How to judge whether blow molding products are qualified

I believe that many people are troubled by a problem, that is, how to judge whether the blow molding products are qualified? What are the inspection standards for blow molded products? Today, let's talk about how to judge whether blow-molded products are qualified or not, and what are the inspection standards for blow-molded products?

In fact, there are many methods for the inspection standards of blow-molded products. Next, I will show you one by one: 

[1] An appearance quality requirement of blow-molded products.

(1) The surface of the product should be smooth and free of burrs, poor plasticization, no obvious scratches and vertical stripes, and the barrel mouth should be smooth and clean.

(2) All parts of the barrel mouth and barrel body of the product have no shortage of materials, no excess materials, and no damage.

blow mold products

(3) The mouth of the blow-molded product should be flat and non-deformed, there should be no blocking phenomenon in the mouth of the barrel, and the wall thickness of the mouth of the barrel should be evenly distributed. The barrel should not be shaken obviously when standing on the flat ground.

(4) There is no oil stain or other impurities attached to the inside and outside of the product. We must adjust all the data before operation so that there should be no impurities in the barrel.

(5) The color of the product should be uniform without obvious color difference. Here, the sealed sample barrel should be used as the standard. The sealed sample barrel is only used as the basis for the quality judgment of the appearance, and the size should be subject to the clear regulations in this standard.

[2] Drop test: Inject water at 20±5°C into the sample according to the nominal capacity, tighten the barrel cover, and drop it freely at a height of 1.5 meters, so that the bottom of the sample hits the hard ground and falls three times in a row. The sample should be free of damage and cover, and allow a small amount of liquid leakage from the mouth of the barrel during impact, and no more leakage after that. If the drop test of the sample conforms to the standard, it is judged to be qualified; if the test does not meet the test, it should be re-sampled according to the same standard and re-tested.

drop test

Drop test machine

[3] Sealing test: inject water of nominal capacity into the sample and tighten the cover, place it horizontally on the flat ground (the mouth of the barrel is close to the ground), and check it after 4 hours. If all the samples do not leak, it will be judged as qualified; if there is leakage of the samples, re-sampling according to the same standard, and re-test, if the re-sampled samples do not leak, it can still be judged as qualified, otherwise it should be judged is unqualified.

Bottle leak test

Empty plastic bottle leak test   

 [4] The factory responsible personnel need to check the following items when conducting product sampling inspection: appearance requirements, barrel mouth size, packaging label requirements.

All of the above can be used as inspection methods to judge whether the hollow blow molding products are qualified. Of course, if we judge by the above methods, if we find that the products produced by the blow molding machine are unqualified, we should immediately contact the operator of the equipment and make an adjustment to our equipment (similarly we also What needs to be done is to know how to adjust a piece of equipment), so that we can greatly reduce the failure rate of products and try our best to minimize the total loss. For more industry issues of hollow blow molding, please pay more attention to HUAN MACHINERY in the future.

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