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IBC Cage Making Machine 1000L IBC Tote Steel Frame Welding Machine Production Line


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Discover the efficiency and sustainability of our IBC Cage Making Machine. Our machine stands out with its 50-second per cage production rate, ensuring swift and reliable output. Designed with the future in mind, it combines operational ease with eco-friendly practices, making it an ideal choice for forward-thinking industries.

  • IBC Cage Making

IBC cage making line

The IBC Cage Making Machine is an advanced automated production line tailored for crafting IBC container frames with precision and speed. It seamlessly integrates automated welding, robotic mesh handling, automatic bending, and locking mechanisms, alongside hole punching equipment. This streamlined system minimizes labor to just 2-3 operators for loading and unloading, maximizing efficiency. Optional automatic base frame welding and robotic unloading further boost productivity, making it an ideal solution for modern IBC manufacturing.

  • IBC cage production line

IBC cage frame welding machine

Automatic 6 heads IBC mesh welding machine

The welding system is equipped with four sets of Medium Frequency (MF) Direct Current (DC) power sources, enabling simultaneous welding at six distinct spots. The dual-layer fixture feeder allows for continuous operation, as material can be loaded onto one fixture while the other is in the process of being welded, ensuring an uninterrupted production flow.

IBC steel mesh

IBC tank wire mesh

The welding apparatus is engineered to transform tubes into a robust flat mesh pattern. Known for its solid and reliable welding quality, the entire welding procedure can be accomplished in approximately 60 seconds.

IBC cage bending machine

IBC cage bending machine

The IBC Cage Frame Double Station Bending Machine is meticulously designed to be processed in its entirety. This approach ensures high precision in bending, a stable operational performance, and enhanced efficiency throughout the production process.

IBC cages

  Bending IBC cage frame

The bending machine is tasked with shaping the flat mesh into a square frame configuration. The entire bending operation is swift, with each cycle taking approximately 20 to 25 seconds to be completed.

IBC cage locking machine

IBC cage frame locking machine

The IBC Cage Frame Locking Machine performs its operations in a holistic manner, ensuring high accuracy in the insertion process, strong and secure locks, and delivering a stable and efficient operational performance.

IBC locking

Efficiency and Precision in Locking Operations

Utilizing hydraulic power, the locking machine secures the ends of the tube frame. The entire locking procedure is conducted efficiently.

IBC cage punching machine

IBC cage punching machine

The IBC Cage Frame Hole Making and Punching Machine is specifically utilized to create the necessary holes in the frame. This process is essential as it allows for the secure attachment of the complete frame to the base frame.

IBC cage punching

Punching on IBC frame

The hole making and punching machine operates with hydraulic force, ensuring precision and swiftness in its operations.

IBC pipe bending machine

IBC bottom tube bending machine

The IBC Bottom Tube Bending Machine is designed to bend galvanized steel tubes into the quadrilateral shape required for the bottom frame of the IBC tank.

IBC tube

Bottom tube for IBC tank

The bending process is typically automated and controlled with precision to maintain uniformity and quality across all produced IBC bottom frames.

IBC welding machine

IBC tank base welding machine

The Base Frame Welding Machine, with a horizontal design and seven welding heads, automates the welding of the IBC base frame, with operators only handling loading and unloading.

IBC bottom pallet

IBC tank base

Four feet, one middle foot, one metal beam and one bottom tube are welded together by IBC base welding machine.IBC steel cage base for stacking stablely.

  • IBC cage making machine parameter

IBC cage frame welding machine
Maximum weld width
Maximum weld length
Equipment welding principle
IF / single-sided double-point
Pipe material
Belt rib galvanized tube
Pipe thickness
1mm -2mm
Pipe diameter
14mm -20mm
Pending method
Slant method
Manual / automatic work
Between 300-400 tablets / 8 h
Requirements for
aircraft operation personnel
Automatic: 2 people
Manual: 3-4 persons
Welding accuracy
Please contact us for more detailed parameters of IBC cage making machine.

  • IBC cage making machine effect

IBC cage making machine effect



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