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  • Reasons for the unstable operation of the blow molding machine

    In the process of using the blow molding machine, you may have encountered all kinds of failure problems. Some failure problems may be caused by damage or other external reasons, and some of them may be caused by the unstable operation of the blow molding machine. , This article will popularize the

  • How to choose blow molding machine ?

    Blowing machine is a kind of bottle blowing device, which makes the plastic crystallization bottle billet completely clean plastic bottles. With the continuous development of the beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, there have been explosive growth and bottle blowing machine has developed

  • What can blow molding make? How much capacity can you produce?

    Domestic two-way stretch polyester bottle blow molding processing plastic packaging industry started relatively late, but since the 1980 s Japan imported PET bottle production line after, injection in represented by cola beverage packaging sector achieved good results, then introduced a large number

  • Solutions to blow molding product processing failures

    Several problems are prone to occur during the blowing process of blow molding products. The bottle is blown, the bottom is aggregated, the bottom is not correct, the bottle body is thin, the bottle is white, etc. How to distinguish whether it is a blowing problem or a bottle embryo problem? Now we

  • What are the methods for extruding blowing hollow plastic products?

    (1) Continuous extrusion inflation method. The sequence of continuous extrusion and blow molding of hollow plastic products: extrude the melted tube blank that has been mixed and plasticized uniformly from the extruder to a certain length - the product is moved from the inflation and cooling station

  • Is hollow blow molding the same as blow molding?

    Hollow molding blow molding processing and blow molding is the same? Some customers in just understand the blow molding processing industry when suddenly heard hollow molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, injection molding began to distinguish, what are the differences.

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