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Application of PWDS® Technology in IBC Blow Molding Machines

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Application of PWDS® Technology in IBC Blow Molding Machines

IBC tanks are widely used in chemical, food, liquid, semi-solid for the storage and transportation. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that IBC tank does not leak or roll over during transportation.

During the production of IBC tank blow molding machine, it is a key step to ensure the uniform thickness of IBC tank wall.PWDS® technology is well suited for the production of IBC blow molding machines.

In this article, we will explore how PWDS® technology can be used in IBC blow molding machines and its potential impact on productivity and product quality.

What is PWDS®

PWDS®, also known as Radial wall thickness Control, is specifically designed to optimize wall thickness distribution during blow molding. This technology is important for the production of plastic containers as large as IBC tank.

In the traditional IBC tank blow molding process, the technician needs to adjust the wall thickness of the IBC tank by constantly adjusting the wall thickness controller to ensure that its wall thickness is uniform.

PWDS® technology makes it easier to adjust the wall thickness of IBC tanks.Through controling ring in PWDS,it can be shaped as needed to precisely direct and distribute the flow of plastic material within the mold, the wall thickness is more evenly distributed.

How to adjust PWDS®

The control ring in the PWDS® system is designed for a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. During the blow molding process, the control ring can be deformed according to the expansion of the blank and the geometry of the mold, and the material flow path can be dynamically adjusted. This dynamic fine-tuning ensures that raw materials can be more evenly distributed to all parts of the mold, avoiding local PE material more or less material.

In this way, 1000L IBC tanks can be manufactured more precisely using the minimum amount of materials required by PWDS® technology, not only improves the quality of IBC tanks, but also helps reduce material waste.

Application of PWDS® in IBC blow molding machines

1. Technology integration: PWDS® is a modular system that can be integrated directly into existing IBC blow molding machines. This integration usually involves making some adjustments to the machine's control software to ensure that the parameters of the PWDS® system can be synchronized with the IBC tank blow molding machine.

2. Easy to operate: After installing PWDS®, the operator can easily set and adjust the wall thickness distribution through the user interface to suit the IBC tanks production requirements.

3. Flexibility in production: The PWDS® design allows for rapid replacement of die cores to accommodate the production of IBC tanks of different sizes.

Die core size is 400mm, 510mm, 535mm, 550mm, 630mm, 800mm can match PWDS system. Mauser uses 510 and Greif uses 535. If it is a continuous blow molding machine, the die core size needs to be larger.

Through this integration and adaptation, PWDS® technology significantly improves the production efficiency and product quality of IBC blow molding machines, while providing manufacturers with greater flexibility and market competitiveness.

IBC tank accumulator type blow molding machine can do about 100S with PWDS®,the cycle time save 20%.

The weight of IBC inner tank is still 13.5kg,decrease the flash material, material saving 13%.

IBC tank blow molding machine.jpg

PWDS® can provide customized solutions according to the specific needs of manufacturers to adapt to specific production processes and product specifications.

In summary, the application of PWDS® technology in IBC blow molding machines is very excellent.If you are interested in IBC tank production, please contact us, we can provide IBC tank blow molding machine and IBC steel cage production line complete solution.

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