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China manufacturers widely used automatic plastic pet bottle stretch blowing maker molding machine prices

PET Technologies offers wide range of blow molding machines for PET market producers to blow PET bottles formats from 0.1 to 6.0 liters.Production of PET containers requires injection molding of preforms and subsequent stretching and blowing of these into bottles.
  • HJQ series

  • HUAN

  • PET bottle,water bottle,oil bottle,nut bottle and plastic jar

Pet Stretch Blow Molding Process

Stretch Blow Molding is a process used for producing bottles commonly used for water, juice and other related items. In this process, a preform is loaded into the PET stretch blow molding machine(preform is typically produced on an injection molding machine) where it is heated up and blown into a finished container. PET is the main material used for this process but other materials can be used like PP, tritan, etc in PET stretch blow molding machine.


The machine is a fully automatic bottle blowing machine developed for blowing PET bottles with a capacity of less than 2L. The fully automated preforming and epiforming mechanism improves work efficiency and transportation is accurate. In addition, the raw materials are completely free from pollution and loss during transportation. The feeding process is self-transported, with a unique clamping system. The whole clamping is driven by a servo motor, a mechanical linkage type.

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In PET blow molding, Reheat Stretch Blow Machines are the second part of the process of bottle manufacturing. They load completely cooled down preforms onto rotating mandrels, heat them up to blowing temperature through an oven section, allow a short period for equalization and then stretch and blow them into bottles.

pet blow machine

At Pet All Manufacturing, we offer three distinct types of plastic blow molding machines:

  • Linear shuttle machines: 1 up to 6 cavities - This PET blow molding machine is available in both small and medium output at a low cost.

  • Small and medium output at low cost

  • Linear machines with continuous preform motion: 1 to 12 cavities

  • Even heat distribution and easy operation

  • Rotary machines: 10 and 14 cavities - For this PET blow molding machine, you benefit from high output at an even lower cost.

  • High output at a lower cost

pet blow machine

PET bottle blowing machine feature:

1.stable and accurate running at high speed,adopt more stable and advanced microcomputer PLC control system.
2. production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance and safety.
3. suitable for flexible production of quantity and various bottle shape,wide range of applications,meet customer needs.
4. manual and automatic methods of operation, human-machine interface control, simple operation.
5. servo transmission system, high positioning accuracy, fast speed stability and good reliability.
6. less than 0.2% scrap rate for finished bottle .

pet blow machine

PET preform for plastic bottles


Customized mould for pet bottles

pet mould

Packing and shipping for pet bottle blowing machine

packing and shipping

PET blow machine parameter

Item HJQ3000 HJQX4500 HJQ6000 HJQX9000 HJ QX12000 HJQX18000 HJQ5L2
Cavity 2 3 4 6 9 12 2
Theory output 3000BPH 4500BPH 6000BPH 9000BPH 12000BPH 18000BPH 1500BPH
Max.volume 2L 0.75L 2L 0.75L 0.75L 0.75L 5L
Bottle mouth maximum overall diameter 28-80mm 28-38mm 28-38mm 28-38mm 28-38mm 28-38mm 150mm
Bottle biggest diameter 100mm 65mm 100mm 65mm 65mm 65mm 180mm
Bottle maximun height 330mm 240mm 330mm 240mm 240mm 240mm . 400mm
Light tube quantity 32pcs 18pcs 32pcs 32pcs 32pcs 48pcs 32pcs
Light tube power 0.75KW 1.5KW 1KW 1.25KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
Maximum heating pwoer 24KW 24KW 32KW 40WK 54 KW 72KW 48KW
All electric machine installtion 27KW 27KW 42KW 43KW 57KW 65KW 51 KW
Actual consumption 30%-60% 30%-60% 30%-60% 30%-60% 30%-60% 30%-60% 30%-60%
Work pressure 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2 7-9kg/cm2
Blow bottle pressure 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2 25-35kg/cm2
Higher-pressure ges consumption 1500Ltr/min 1500Ltr/min 3000Ltr/min 4000Ltr/min 4800Ltr/min 6000Ltr/min 3400Ltr/min
Work pressure 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2 5-6 kg/cm2
Temperature range 10C 10C 10C 10C 10C 10C 10C
Consumption 5000kcal/hr 5000kcal/hr 8000kcal/hr 8000kcal/hr 12000kcal/hr 15000kcal/hr 6000kcal/hr
Forzen water flow 30L/min 30L/min 138L/min 88L/min 88L/min 100L/min 50L/min
Size of the machine 2.25x1.6x1.7 2.6x1.8x2.45 4.1x1.6x1.9 4.15x1.85x2.13 5.66x1.85x2.11 10.45x1.6x1.9 4.7x1.6x1.9
Weight of the machine 2.5ton 3ton 3.9ton 4.5ton 7ton 10ton 3ton

Huan Machinery Sales Manager Team and Engineer Team.
1 .Professional installation team who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.
2. The engineers are experienced. We can produce different products with different capacity and work out reasonable flow chart as per customers' requirements to save space.




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