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20L 30L Jerry Can Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

The blow molding machine is widely used for making 20L 25L 30L 50L plastic hdpe jerry cans,single layer,2 layers,3 layers optional.According your requirement, we can design the machine with conveyor, in-mould label, robot arm, etc.
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30L Blow Moulding Machine Description:

High speed multi-layer 25L extrusion blow molding machine for 20L to 50L hdpe jerry can,plastic drums.Single layer ,2 layers,3 layers optional,high productivity 1,330 pcs per day.

Fully automatic jerry cans blow moulding production line, including auto de-flashing, waste material and final bottles delivery, valid connection to other auxiliary equipment.

30L blow machine (2)

30L Blow Moulding Machine Technical Parameter:

Specification BSM80N-30L
Max product volume (L) 30
Machine weight (T) 13
Machine size(m) 4.8X2.6X3.8
Extrusion unit
Screw diameter (mm) 80
Length/Diameter ratio 24/1
Heating zone No. (pcs) 4
Heating power (kw) 20.2
Cooling fan No. (pcs) 4
Fan power (kw) 0.52
Extrusion motor power (kw) 30
Plasticizing capacity (kg/h) 125
Die head
Head type accumulating
Accumulating volume (L) 5
Max ejection weight (kg) 4
Heating Zone No. (pcs) 4
Heating power (kw) 15.2
Max die diameter (mm) 250
Clamping unit
Clamping force (KN) 230
Platen size (mm) 850*900
Platen opening stroke (mm) 400-900
Max mould size (mm) 600*1050
Mould thickness (mm) 450-510
Total power (kw) 92
Average energy consumption (kw) 30

30L blow machine clamping structure

The blow molding machine is plate structure.Its action is with linear guide rail, sliding block, pull rod, proximity switch and transducer to make the movement smoothly and position precision.

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30L blow machine extrusion system

The screws can be 2 screws,3 screws optional,high strength screw and cast aluminum heater heat the plastic material evenly.

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30L blow machine die head

Central feed die head – continuous type, the parison ejected out quickly and change the material easily.Better control of the uniform wall thickness.

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30L machine hydraulic system

Adopt famous brand components, like YUKEN valve and pump, SIMENS BEDE motor, valve block and so on.This system controls all actions of the machine. machine.

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30L Blow Molding Machine Application:

30L drum

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