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Reuse of recycled plastic (1)

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-01      Origin: Site

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Reuse of recycled plastic (1)

Reuse of recycled plastic (1)

As we all know, plastic recycling is an essential step for sustainable development.


What is plastic recycling? Plastic recycling is the process of recycling waste plastics and reusing waste plastics.There are two main ways to recycle waste plastics, one is to regenerate plastics into the same kind of raw materials or decompose them into monomers, and the other is to make them into other raw materials or energy sources that can be used comprehensively. Among them, the direct regeneration method is to process the old plastic directly after washing, crushing, and plasticizing, or to process the molded product after granulation. As for direct regeneration, you can also add appropriate auxiliary parts for coordination.


At present, renewable resources have become a very important source of raw materials for industrial production. The status of this industry in the national economy is gradually becoming more prominent. The recycled plastics industry has become a new trend in the plastics industry. Plastics are easy to process and shape, and they are rich in plastic resources, so they are widely used and can even replace some metal products and wood products. However, after plastics are used in large quantities, the biggest problem that arises is plastic recycling. Plastics can be recycled and can be recycled into recycled plastics. Recycled plastics are typical environmentally friendly materials. Experts pointed out that the recycled plastics industry is a forward direction for future industrial development and an extremely important part of the manufacturing industry.


The benefits of recycling waste plastics are great:


Protect environment. As we all know, plastic has a great impact on environmental protection, it not only causes visual pollution, but also hidden harm. If plastics are not recycled and reused, they can only be disposed of by landfill or incineration, which will directly cause land pollution and air pollution.


As everyone knows, under normal circumstances, the degradation time of plastic products takes at least 200 years, and landfill operations are still one of the main methods of disposing of urban waste in the world. Due to the small density and large volume of plastic products, it can quickly fill up the site, reducing the landfill sites ability to dispose of garbage; moreover, the landfilled site has a soft foundation, so harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage can easily penetrate into the ground. , Pollute groundwater and endanger the surrounding environment.


If the waste plastic is directly incinerated, it will cause serious secondary pollution to the environment. When plastic is burned, it not only produces a lot of black smoke, but also produces dioxins, the most toxic substance so far. Dioxin enters the soil and takes at least 15 months to decompose gradually. It will harm plants and crops. Dioxin has serious damage to the liver and brain of animals. The environmental pollution of dioxins emitted from waste incineration has become an extremely sensitive issue of concern to the world.



Plastic recycling is to help the plastics industry. It not only provides materials for industrial products, facilitates industrial production, and greatly reduces production costs. It can also reduce waste of resources. The plastic industry needs a lot of petroleum resources. Recycling plastic reduces the dependence on petroleum resources. At the same time, the secondary material processing of plastics consumes much less energy than the processing of raw materials. Generating general plastic packaging materials, using waste plastics can save 85%-94% of the energy contained.


Plastic recycling reduces white pollution and improves the environment. Energy and resource consumption are reduced. my country advocates in-depth study and practice of the scientific development concept, and plastic recycling can protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, improve resource utilization, and conform to the sustainable development in the scientific development concept.


The plastics industry has always been the backbone of my country's national economy, and recycling is the only way for the sustainable development of the plastics industry. In today's increasingly scarce environment of various resources, plastic recycling is not only conducive to the protection of the environment and human health, but also alleviates the contradiction between the supply and demand of plastic raw materials, saves resources, and is also conducive to the sustainable development of the world. Therefore, in the future, operators in the plastics industry must improve production technology and integrate technology into production.


Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding equipment can make good use of the principle of recycled polyethylene. The next article will elaborate on it, so stay tuned!

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