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  • 30L high speed high quality extrusion blow molding machine
    30L high speed high quality extrusion blow molding machine Nowadays we are hoping better package for chemical liquid, 30L stackable jerrycan is one common package drum with big quantity demand. Due to whole world request about recycled material reuse, now multi-layer coex technology needs to be wide
  • A collection of safety protection measures for blow molding machines
    The rapid mold changing system of the blow molding machine can reflect the size of the clamping force in real time. When the mold is not working properly, it will stop in advance and give an alarm. No electricity is required during the working process, and it is not affected by power failure......
  • 2 main aspects to achieve energy saving in extrusion blow molding machines
    The production process of the blow molding machine is composed of a variety of different processing techniques. Among the many processing techniques, the main energy consumption parts are the power part and the heating part.Energy saving of power part of blow molding machineIt is recommended that....
  • Common materials for blow molding products
    Do you know that the materials of plastic products are different? The plastic products we see in our daily life are actually made of more than a dozen different materials. The different materials determine the cost, scope of use and purpose of the product.Blow molding, also known as hollow blow mold