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2 main aspects to achieve energy saving in extrusion blow molding machines

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The production process of the blow molding machine is composed of a variety of different processing techniques. Among the many processing techniques, the main energy consumption parts are the power part and the heating part.

Energy saving of power part of blow molding machine

It is recommended that you use the inverter in the process of using the blow molding machine.

Extrusion blow molding machine

The energy-saving principle of the blow molding machine inverter is to save the remaining energy consumption for the blow molding machine motor. Let me give you an example: Suppose the actual power of the blow molding machine motor is 60Hz, but only 50Hz is needed in the actual production process of the blow molding machine, then the remaining energy consumption is useless and will be wasted. The function of the frequency converter is to achieve the effect of energy saving of the blow molding machine by changing the output power of the motor. Most manufacturers report that the use of frequency converters can not only save energy effectively, but also greatly improve the automation level of blow molding machines and improve production efficiency.

Using the servo motor, the servo motor is based on the inverter, which changes the alternating current into the direct current, and the energy saving effect is more obvious and stable.

Extrusion blow molding machine

Energy saving of heating part of blow molding machine

The energy saving of the heating part is the energy saving measures adopted for the heater of the blow molding machine.

It is recommended to use electromagnetic heaters instead of traditional old-fashioned resistance coil heaters. Although the cost of traditional heaters is relatively low, the energy-saving effect is far from electromagnetic heaters.

Under the same production conditions, the thermal energy utilization rate of the electromagnetic heater is higher, the loss of thermal energy transfer is reduced, the heating time is shortened, and the energy consumption problem of high power and low demand is solved.



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