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ocean ball making machine

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  • What happens when the temperature of automatic blowing machine is too high?

    Blowing machine temperature is too high consequence of the above five reasons, understand the damage caused by blowing machine temperature is the main impact on the hydraulic system and components. The hydraulic system is an important part of the extrusion blow molding machine. The operation of the

  • How to do the temperature adjustment of the plastic extrusion blow molding machine?

    As an important industrial production technology,plastic extrusion blow molding machine converts plastic into useful products that can maintain the original performance. In order to keep the equipment in good use and filling, it plays a very important role in the debugging of plastic extrusion blow

  • Bottle leak test machine,empty bottle plastic container leakage

    The automatic leak detector is a machine to detect the leakage of plastic bottle. The basic principle of the automatic leak detector is to fill a certain pressure of clean air into the bottle to be tested, and judge whether the blow molding plastic bottle is qualified or not by analyzing the change power.

  • CAP Mould

    A good plastic bottle is inseparable from a good set of molds. The material and gloss of the mold are directly related to the texture and feel of the bottle. Packing products in exquisite bottles and placing them on a dazzling array of shelves are often easier to attract customers' attention, promo


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